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MUMBAI: Ranjit Singh, a globally acclaimed Maharashtra teacher, said an invisible Kovid-1 virus was needed to reveal how the Indian education system was strangled by the epidemic and clearly lacked the effective demands and challenges of the modern AI-powered era. Diesel.

As India takes its first steps in the Centenary of Independence from Platinum (2047), Diesel feels that education must form a “strong foundation” to effectively address the new challenges ahead.



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“Currently we have ‘twenty-first century’ students being taught by ’20th century’ teachers, relying on ’19th century’ curriculum with ’18th century’ teaching techniques … all this needs to change, if India doesn’t have to just march, But ahead of all other nations, ”Diesel, 33, told IANS. Winner of the Varke Foundation-UNESCO’s top ‘Global Teacher Prize-2020’, valued at ১০ 10 million (Rs. For students in remote areas.


Because schools / colleges have been closed for more than a year, students have virtually had to defend themselves in the LFH in the last 18 months of the coronavirus epidemic, Diesel said.

Needless to say, limited financial resources or technology-access such as smartphones, computers, irregular internet and other limitations make both teachers and students in many areas feel completely disabled and frustrated.

“By learning this lesson we must now begin to prepare our teachers for the twenty-first century … Today’s students are probably more ‘aware’ than at any time in the last 5 years of independent India, mainly because of television, mobile, computer, internet, etc.” Mentioned.


Appreciating the purpose of the landmark ‘Right to Education (RTE) Act, 200’, he said the law could now be amended to include ‘right education’ and ‘right way of learning’ for the benefit of students, teachers and the country at large.

The new breed of teachers must be adequately trained, equipped and empowered so that they can not only care for and manage well-known modern students, but also nurture an interested genre-next, especially if faced with a situation like LFH again, Diesel said. .

“These very teachers and students will help build a new India … they will have more confidence, the ability to stand shoulder to shoulder with the world as humanity hits a mysterious but fascinating technology-driven future, where only the sky is the limit,” Diesel said.


To realize this, he called on corporates to invest more in the technical aspects of education such as computers, mobiles, internet connectivity, smart classrooms, etc., along with government efforts to bring Indian education up to international standards.

Diesel noted that this would encourage another important sector of the Indian agro-economy, on which the 5 per cent of the population depends, and with adequate knowledge-based technological input, agricultural production could reach new heights.

An 11-year-old humble teacher at Paraitwari Zilla Parishad School in Solapur, Dishale is credited with transforming education using QR codes, audio-poems, video-lectures and other innovations that help reduce reading rates, especially among girls, and other benefits. Attract the attention of the world.


Earlier, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadela recognized Diesel’s work in his book ‘Hit Refresh’, when the Indian government honored him with ‘Innovative Research of the Year-201 and’ and National Innovation Foundation’s ‘Innovator of the Year-201 with’. Rewards

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