Guwahati: Foreign Minister S Jayashankar on Saturday said that India has been able to maintain its non-alignment policy in a polarized global situation by being clear about its own interests and confident of pursuing it.
But the country’s interests must be “consistent” with the international community’s players as much as possible, he said, stressing the role of diplomacy in this regard.
The challenge for India to stand on a non-aligned policy is not new. “Every time the world is polarized, it has its own complexities and we are at that stage now. There are several reasons for this, Ukraine being one of them, “said the former Foreign Secretary in an interview with IIT-Guwahati students here.
There are completely different causes and causes of polarization in Asia, he said, without elaborating.
Regarding India’s non-aligned stance, Jayashankar said, “We need to be clear about our interests and be confident in pursuing it. We need to be able to create a narrative and coordinate our interests with the international community as much as possible.”
Responding to a question on how India views and deals with the changing dynamics of its neighbor and the Chinese “exploitation” of the scene, he said it could be dealt with with confidence.
He spoke in support of the US Alliance, but said that maintaining some independence was important for India.
As for China’s challenge, he said that in most situations, if one continues to do what is best for oneself, most problems are taken care of.
In response to a specific question from the refugees from Myanmar who have taken refuge in Mizoram, Jayashankar said that India was trying to see if it could contribute to the solution of the root cause of the problem which led to the infiltration.
“Far-flung countries may offer a clear prescription, but living next door has different implications. We are working harder to resolve Myanmar’s political problems. Progress and good governance do not mean neglecting what happens at the border, ”he said.
He added, “We are not an open house for the rest of the world. It is not in our interest to do so.”
Jayashankar emphasized the importance of diplomacy in the growth and security of a country, saying it was “the first line of defense”.
“If it (diplomacy) succeeds, there is no military need … but in some cases when military action is absolutely necessary, diplomacy plays an equally important role,” he added.
The goal of diplomacy should be that foreign interaction should be implemented at home, and it has been observed that countries that have focused on development with diplomacy are moving fast, he stressed.
“We (India) had the right idea but we did not follow it,” he said, adding that the current regime has focused on development diplomacy.
Referring to the steps taken by the countries bordering North-East India to fight insurgency and crime, Jayashankar said that terrorism, drug trafficking and trafficking were serious problems in the region.
“But when these activities stop gaining support in neighboring countries, it makes the region more secure,” he added.
Jayashankar came here to speak on the Conclave of Development and Interdependence of Natural Allies.


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