New Delhi: India have won a total of 43 medals, including 17 gold, at the just-concluded ISSF Junior World Championships in Lima.
The country’s shooters have won 12 medals on the day of the final of the top junior tournament at the Las Palmas shooting range in the Peruvian capital, Lima.
The winners Sidhu, Chhanda Sangwan, Arjun Singh Chima and Shikha Narwal were the gold medal winners of India on the last day and put the country at the top of the firm rankings with 17 golds.
India finished with 17 gold, 16 silver and 10 bronze medals.
The winner started the sweep with yellow metal in the junior men’s 25m standard pistol for the third gold medal of the championship. His twin brother Hay Dhabir won the silver with 570, the same score as the winner but with three less inside 10s.
Harsh Gupta won bronze with 566 in 17 strong innings.
Rhythm Sangwan Jr. then won the fourth gold of the championship with a score of 573 in the women’s 25m standard pistol, beating compatriots Nivedita Velur Nair (565) and Namya Kapoor (563) for silver and bronze.
In the men’s 50m pistol for junior men, India’s Arjun Singh Cheema finished with a score of 59 out of 60,000 in 1 strong field with teammates Shaurya Sarin and Ajinkya Chavan with the same score. Valor was selected and counted within the second and Ajinkya within the third decade.
In the final event of the championship, India’s Shikha Narwal Jr. won the women’s 50m pistol with a score of 530. Esha Singh is second with 529 and Navadwip Kaur is third with 526.
Overall, the pistol discipline was one step ahead of the other two for India, 26 of the 43 medals proposed.
The shotgun won nine medals, while the rifle won eight.
Olympian Ishwari Pratap Singh Tomar and Manu Vak once again showcased their world-class identity with world-class performances.
Manu was the most successful Indian athlete with four gold and one bronze medal.
In the shotgun discipline, Ganemat Sekhan in junior women’s skate returned with two medals (one gold, one silver) to further enhance her reputation as a great future prospect.


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