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BENGALURU: India’s head coach Igor Stemak on Tuesday backed FIFA’s plans to host the World Cup every two years, but said he would like to know if the world body was looking for “more money” for such a move.
After meetings with retired players, FIFA unveiled its detailed plan, the Men’s and Women’s Biennial World Cup to rebuild the calendar of international football competitions. The proposal was strongly supported by FIFA President Gianni Infantino.
“I want to coach India (World Cup every two years). I will support it because it can benefit India in the near future more than expected (to be able to play in the World Cup),” Stemack said in a virtual interaction after India’s SAFF Championship title.
“Football needs to develop in every part of the world and to do that we need to open the World Cup for countries that have never participated in it. It’s much easier to find your chance at the World Cup once the tournament is over. It’s happening every two years.”
He said the plan would not benefit weaker football nations if the main reason behind it was FIFA’s financial gain.
“But if (the reason behind the plan) is basically money for the organization (FIFA), I don’t see any benefit. I’d like to hear a good explanation of what’s behind this move,” Stemack said.
“We need to be realistic here. What are the main reasons behind this move? Is it more money for the organization (FIFA) or something else?” The 54-year-old asked who was a member of the 1998 bronze medal winning Croatian team.
The All India Football Federation has not yet officially commented on the move, while neighboring Bangladesh, Maldives, Nepal and Sri Lanka backed the move last month.
Last month, the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) welcomed the consultation process launched by FIFA to explore alternatives to hosting the Men’s and Women’s World Cups every two years instead of the current four-year cycle.
He confirmed that former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger, who heads FIFA’s Global Football Development and head of planning, has invited national team coaches to discuss the move.
“Right now it’s a big discussion and I’m going to attend a zoom conference (Tuesday) where Arsene Wenger is going to explain about this potential project in the future,” said Stemak, who coached the Croatia national team in 2012-13. .
FIFA has not set an official date for its decision on the World Cup proposal but has suggested that a meeting of its 211 national members could be held in December.
Stemack, who took charge of the Indian team in early 2019, said that “results are not always what we want them to be” but asserted that the team has improved a lot under his watch.
“Two and a half years ago, we started reorganizing the team because we chose more technical football, occupied football, we chose more technical players. So it was a new selection.”
“Our only accident was the draw (1-1) against Bangladesh (in 2011-1) at the Salt Lake Stadium in the World Cup qualifiers, all the rest was done under very difficult circumstances. To qualify for the third round of the Asian Cup.
“Now two and a half years later, we have some important players in our team who are backbone players and at least three players for each position of similar qualities. We are not afraid of losing anyone because there is a replacement. This is the step we have taken.”


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