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Visakhapatnam: The Covid-19 epidemic hit India in the last quarter of 1970-2017 as it retreated from the economic cycle. But thankfully, we are starting to come out of it, said NITI Commission Vice-Chairman Dr. Rajiv Kumar said. He was the chief guest at the fourth and fifth annual convocations of the Indian Institute of Management-Visakhapatnam conducted in virtual mode on Saturday. Rajiv Kumar said that all economic indicators – high-frequency index, investment index, capacity building in steel and some other important national industries – have started looking. “Of course, as we move forward it will depend entirely on the nature and size of the epidemic. We have a third wave but we are much better prepared than we were before. So its impact on economic activity will not be as great as it was during the first and second waves. The silver lining may be ICMR’s announcement that two-thirds of our population has acquired immunity against novel coronavirus disease, induced by vaccines or natural infections, ”he said.


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“India today has the third largest startup system in the world. India currently has 21 unicorns worth ৩ 213.2 billion and is expected to grow to 50 by 2022. However, India is still ranked 47th in the global innovation index. We should set an ambitious goal to get to the top. We will lag behind until we successfully innovate, ”said Dr. Kumar.

The Vice Chairman recalled his participation in an economic conference of Andhra University in Visakhapatnam in 1975.

Presiding over the Board of Governors, IIM-V, Hari S. Bharatiya said that the hybrid or digital approach of teaching and learning is here to “provide a great opportunity for young people as well as experienced professionals to provide a fair combination of online and offline content. These courses will come in handy for young students to continue their professional education even in their employment or entrepreneurial journey, ”said Bharatiya.


Talking about social media, Bharatiya said that the vitality of an organization has been measured by its scale today and has reached social media. “It has become a building block for creating an organization’s brand and image. It helps companies maintain a consistent, relevant, customized and personalized connection with their stakeholders, ”said Bharatiya.

IIM-V Director Prof. M Chandrasekhar presented the annual report of the Director. Professor Chandrasekhar explained how the institute has been witnessing enrollment year after year and explained its achievements. The institution awards various prizes and gold medals to meritorious students.

Meanwhile, the Indian Institute of Management-Visakhapatnam has become the third IIM in the country to sign up for the UN’s PRME-UN Principles for Responsible Management Education, with more than 7 leading business schools in 99 countries. By joining the PRME community, IIM Visakhapatnam promises to integrate the organization’s strategies and activities with PRME policies, advancing values ​​such as sustainability, accountability and ethics in teaching, research and thought leadership. In adhering to these principles, the organization will work towards achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


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