Immediately Increase Covid Testing In Strategic Manner, Centre Asks States



Coronavirus testing has declined in many states and union territories, the government said.


New Delhi:

Just a week after extending the terms that do not require COVID-19 testing, the government said Tuesday that the number of coronavirus tests in the country has decreased and needs to be increased.

Identifying declining testing in many states and territories, the center has asked them to keep track of the epidemic and take appropriate action.

In a letter to the states and union territories, Aarti Ahuja, additional secretary in the Union Ministry of Health, advised them to pay immediate attention to this and strategically increase the number of tests in certain areas in view of the trend of case positivity.


He highlighted that Omicron, which has been designated as a form of concern by the World Health Organization (WHO), is currently spreading across the country.

“However, it is clear from the data available on the ICMR portal that there has been a decline in testing in many states and territories,” he wrote.

He said that in all the test recommendations issued by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), including the latest one on January 10, the primary objective is to identify cases for rapid isolation and care.

In addition, testing remains a key strategy for epidemic management as it helps to identify new clusters and new hotspots of infection which, in turn, can facilitate immediate steps to control containment zones, contact detection, segregation, isolation and the like. Follow-up


“The progression of the disease in a critical segment can be prevented through strategic testing of those who are at higher risk and more at risk, as well as where the spread is more likely,” Ms. Ahuja said.

Those with symptoms should be examined and all risky identities of laboratory-confirmed cases should also be examined, he said.

The letter from health ministry officials last week follows guidelines amended by the ICMR, which places special emphasis on conditions under which one does not need to undergo COVID-19 testing – instructions that have returned test centers in several cities, including Delhi, to those who wanted them. Covid-19 test.

The ICMR said that the identities of COVID-19 patients, unless identified as high-risk, asymptomatic individuals, do not require examination of patients discharged under home isolation guidelines, as well as patients discharged from a COVID-19 facility and interstate inland travelers.


India has so far recorded 3.76 crore coronavirus cases and caused 4.86 lakh deaths. On Tuesday, 2.38 lakh new infections were registered in the country with a positive rate of 14.43 percent.


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