Students who have taken the ISCE ISC Semester 1 exam are ready to prepare for the Semester 2 exam.

ICSE ISC Semester 2 Board Exam 2022 The split syllabus uploaded to the official website of CISCE will be conducted in March or April 2022.

Students can also get a glimpse of the marking scheme from the website.


CISCE ISCE ISC Semester 2 continues to update new information regarding board exams.

Some recent updates are discussed below for better awareness.


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Sample sample papers released


Published by CISCE Latest Syllabus ICSE ISC Sample Paper Class 10 and 12 Semester 2 for Board Examination 2022 On its official website.

These Latest Syllabus ICSE ISC Sample for Semester 2 Designed according to the reduced and bifurcated curriculum discussed by CISCE. Semester 2 exams will be conducted descriptively.

And the sample paper questions based on it are also descriptive.

Students should examine these sample papers early to get a better idea of ​​the paper patterns and typologies that will be asked in the exam. For more information they visit their official website or click here


Once the students have completed the full preparation, this sample paper will be very useful.

Sample papers will ensure that your preparation is consistent with the type of questions asked in the board exam.

Students can check these official samples without any hassle by visiting the official website of CISCE.

Mock tests are available by chapter


Once students are done with a particular chapter, they do not have to wait until the end to test the command of a particular chapter.

Additional mock tests are also available on the official website. These mock tests are designed in a chapter-based format.

Students can watch these mock tests to better understand each chapter. This is available for both ISC and ICSE Semester 2 Board Exam 2022.

Students can prepare with this available mock test to enhance their preparation for the upcoming exams.


Mock tests will give students the opportunity to write answers. As in Semester 1, the exams were taken in MCQ format only.

Thus, students need to practice writing descriptive answers to be successful ICSE ISC Semester 2 Board Exam 2022.

To find out more about the chapters and topics for the Semester 2 exam, students can visit CISCE’s official website.


Students can also start their preparation Latest Syllabus Oswal ICSE ISC Question Bank for 2022 Semester-2 Board Exam Students will get various benefits in this:

• Strictly according to Semester-2 Syllabus for ICSE ISC Board Examination 2022 (March-April)

These ICSE ISC Question Bank for 2022 Semester-2 Board Exam Include questions of both objective and thematic types

ধ্যায় Chapter wise and thematic revision notes for in-depth study


পরিবর্ত Changed and empowered mind maps and memory for fast learning

Unit based self-assessment test

উত্তর Answers with previous year’s board exam questions and marking scheme with detailed explanation to facilitate exam-based preparation.

পরীক্ষ Examiner comments and answering tips to help you prepare for the exam.


These The ICSE ISC Question Bank for Semester-2 Board Exam 2022 covers difficult and advisable topics for students.

mediawire_image_0Mock according to ICSE ISC chapter Question Bank 10th and 12th Class | For Semester 2 Board Exam 2022

Suggested link for here Latest Syllabus ICSE Question Bank Class 10 for 2022 Semester 2 Board Exam, Click Here

Suggested link for here The latest syllabus for the 2022 Semester 2 Board Exam ISC Question Bank Class 12, click here


The latest thought

In order to excel in board exams, it is very important to take both semesters seriously.

The latest samples and mock exams are available on the official website for students.


Students can test them and have more clarity about the test pattern and marking scheme.

For more updates, keep visiting the official website and study !!

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