NEW DELHI: Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science of architecture, emphasising on ground preparation, measurement, designing, layout and space arrangement.

The Covid pandemic has caused negative psychological impacts like anxiety stress and depression amongst people. Understanding the need of the hour, Vastu Shastra courses are being offered to mitigate the impact and help everyone to sail through the situation, bring abundance, prosperity and happiness in life.



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Acharya Pankit Goyal, a young Vastu consultant, as a part of imparting knowledge on Vastu, offers a free class to students enrolling for his courses.

These courses are said to be life-changing and have the potential to solve problems, steering people on a path to success in their career.

The Devtas course has 13 sessions, designed to benefit people dealing with depression. The Astrology (AstroVastu) course has four sessions in which learners get answers on what Rashis and Transit and Dashas are, how to understand personality, physical, mental attributes, and which profession, business, or job is good for an individual.


Vastu Shastra is very logical and effective. It helps to get off major life problems through small significant remedies. It is the science of architecture, originated in India that guides one to live a happy and successful life. It is also a part of our Vedic Scriptures. In ancient times, this Shastra was only followed by kings for their well-being and to ensure their position on the top. Some major places of worship are built according to Vastu Shastra.

Acharya Pankit Goyal offers different Vastu Shastra courses for different durations- Beginner Vastu Course, Numerology, Astro Vastu, Devtas, 45 Devtas, Business Growth, Body Language, Geopathic stress, Intuitions, and Advance Vastu Course.

The first session of all these courses are free of charge. This way, the beginners get acquainted with the basics of Vastu Shastra.

If someone wants to become a professional, the Numerology and Astro Vastu (Astrology) course will pave the way to become an expert. These courses will include in-depth knowledge of the relation of numbers and astrology with Vastu. By completing the mentioned courses and the Advance Vastu Course, one can become Samrajya Vastu Consultant after getting certified by Acharya Pankit Goyal.


The Acharaya is based out of Delhi, who forayed into this field to pursue his passion of helping others. Soon he became a popular name among industrialists and celebrities like Arbaz Khan, Mika Singh, Prince Narula among others. He then decided to provide education and started his courses in different aspects of Vastu Shastra.

“Our long-standing goal is to help people lead a happy and successful life, to help them understand our Vedic scriptures and to help them with employability. Vastu Shastra is the science of rich people which can lead you to live a happy and successful life, it is part of our Vedic scriptures,” said Acharya Pankit Goyal.

He claims that his Vastu courses have 100 per cent guaranteed results with free follow-up meetings and lifetime backup support. These courses also provide the opportunity to become a professional certified expert so that one can make a career out of it.

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