Voice assistants have changed the way we interact with technology. Alexa can do this for you Why set the alarm manually? Siri can type your emails.

Want to get more out of your Amazon Echo? Click or click here for new strategies such as using your eco as a speakerphone to find the right wine to pair with a new 3G. What will happen to Siri? Click or click here for my favorite Siri shortcuts.

These are all good and good – for the third time in a row your artificial intelligence assistant is confused and you are frustrated.


If you’re having a hard time getting to your voice assistant, here’s how to get more Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant to help you understand:

1. Watch your voice

You’ve probably seen viral videos of people yelling at Alexa or Google Assistant when they don’t come for the first time. When tempted to let go of your frustration that way, shouting at a voice assistant reduces your chances of understanding.

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