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A resident of M Nanjappanur village, about 30 kilometers from Coimbatore, his family’s health crisis prompted 20-year-old M Sangavi to try NEET. In the minimum cut-off of 108 for Scheduled Tribes (ST) section in NEET, the young woman is the first person in her village to pass NEET at number 202. Earlier, another ST candidate got 146 marks in NEET and was admitted to a private medical college in TN under government school quota. Based on this, Sangavi, who belongs to TN’s Malasa tribal community, is hoping to be admitted to a government medical college in the state.


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The first half of life
Sangavi completed his primary education from a government school in Tamil medium. In 2018, she received 875/1200 in her twelfth grade exam for being the highest scoring Scheduled Tribe (ST) student in her school. With plans to pursue higher education, Sangavi applied for a Certificate of Caste (CC), but was delayed due to official issues. Sangavir’s father worked on a farm, earning 1500-2000 rupees a week. “Last year, one day he just collapsed and died, which was later attributed to cardiac arrest,” Sangavi said. Her mother suffers from visual impairment, which has reduced her family income to Rs 1,000 provided by the TN government to BPL families. Her family history, with the general health crisis in her small village, without any medical facilities, made her determined to become a medical professional.

Help from social workers

A socially vulnerable group helped Sangavi overcome obstacles to achieving his dream. “A group of social workers came to our village and found out about our plight. One of them became my guardian and helped me get my CC. He helped me to sponsor my admission and stay at a NEET coaching academy, which was about 55 kilometers away from my village, ”said Sangavi.

NEET cracking

Due to the epidemic, Sangavi was able to get official NEET coaching for four months. “In 2020, I took coaching in November and December, while in 2021, I took coaching in August and September. Keeping in mind the previous achievements of ST candidates, I hope my score of 202 will help me to get admission in a government medical college, ”he says.


Overcoming the challenge

Sangavi says his family’s financial situation was his biggest challenge. “If it weren’t for social workers and organizations, I would never have cracked NEET,” she says

While participating in his NEET coaching, Sangavi was part of a batch of students from different backgrounds. “Initially, being part of a mixed team was a challenge. I bowed my head and decided to concentrate on my studies. The rest doesn’t matter, ”he says.

Social workers also helped treat his mother, which served as a major morale booster for Sangavi. “After three operations, my mother was finally able to see a little bit, which is another dream come true,” she says.


The way forward

Sangavi is the first girl in her village to go to higher education after finishing school. “I want to be a cardiologist. My greatest source of joy is that, inspired by my journey, some more children from my village have been admitted to school at different levels. I wish them all the best, ”he said.

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