‘He Opened Fire At Children’: On Camera, Bihar Minister’s Son Beaten Up



. The visual shows the minister’s son being beaten by a group of men.



The son of a Bihar minister has been beaten up by a group of villagers after he allegedly chased away some children who were playing in a garden. Visuals show the minister’s son being beaten by a group of men, who also snatched the gun from which the shots were fired.

According to locals, Bablu Kumar, whose father Narayan Shah is a BJP leader and state minister for tourism, fired shots into the air to intimidate the children, resulting in a stampede, injuring six people, including a child.

The man in the government vehicle was seen chasing the villagers. Mr Kumar left the car and fled the scene, after which locals smashed the minister’s name plate.


Minister Sah, however, claimed that his son went to the scene after learning of an “acquisition” in the garden, where they were assaulted and a licensed gun was snatched.

“The allegations are baseless. It is a political conspiracy to humiliate me,” he said.

The injured villagers were taken to a hospital and the gun from which the shots were fired was seized by police.

Heavy police have been deployed in the area to maintain order and further investigations are underway, PTI quoted Superintendent of Police Upendra Verma as saying.



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