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Gurgaon: The Haryana government has amended the state education rules and linked the increase in private school fees with the National Consumer Price Index (CPI). Officials say the move is aimed at curbing the increase in “arbitrary” fees by some private schools, including in parents’ appeals for an intervention.

A statement issued by the Additional Chief Secretary of the School Education Department on Wednesday said that the Governor had agreed to amend the Haryana Education Rules, 2003. Under the new rules, schools that want to raise annual fees must follow a formula. A school can charge a maximum of 5% on CPI.



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For example, if the CPI is 4% for that period, the increase cannot be more than 9% of the previous year’s fee (4% + 5%). The fees applicable under section (i) of a recognized school by-law (4) may automatically increase each year for its existing students, which is equivalent to an average percentage increase in the monthly salary of the previous year’s teaching staff, but the fee increase is consumer price index plus five. The percentage will not exceed the latest available annual percentage increase, ”read the official notification.

The state, however, has made exceptions in its budget for private schools Those who charge up to Rs.

Officials said the new fee structure would be effective from next academic year. Schools that do not follow the fee formula could face a fine of up to Rs 2 lakh and even lose their licenses, officials said. The need to revise the fee structure was felt after the Fees and Fund Regulation Committee (FFRC) was flooded with complaints from parents about the fee hike. The FFRC has appealed the inability to take any action against schools in the absence of a clear-cut fee structure under the rules, the source said.


“School fees became an important issue during the epidemic. There were multiple allegations against several private schools. The FFRC could not take any action due to the limitations of the previous rules. So, we were thinking of amending the rules to keep a certain cap on the fee structure. This is in the best interests of both parents and the school, “said J. Ganesan, director of secondary education.

The revised rules further specify that no recognized school will change its uniform before five consecutive academic years. No student will be forced to buy books, stationery, shoes, socks, uniforms, etc. from the school’s recommended store.

Colonel Pratap Singh (Retd.), District President, Haryana Progressive Schools Conference, said, “The formula is flawed. “To maintain the quality of education that schools provide, growth must be between 12% and 15%. But with this formula, growth will always be below 8% to 9%. This will greatly affect new schools that need capital to establish themselves. “If the government wants to limit the increase in fees, they should have reduced taxes for schools,” he added.

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