Happy World Emoji Day 2019 Wishes, Images, Messages

🌟 We use emojis every day, so why not celebrate them? Welcome to 📅 World Emoji Day!

Happy World Emoji Day 2019

🙌 Join in the celebration on TwitterInstagram or Facebook using the hashtag #WorldEmojiDay.

🙋 Why July 17?

July 17 is famously displayed on the 📅 Calendar Emoji, which is why we chose it as the date for World Emoji Day.

💡 The calendar emoji date is the reason this July 17 was chosen, but the day is much bigger than just one emoji. World Emoji Day is a celebration of all emojis.

🗳 Cast your Vote

The 2019 World Emoji Awards are coming soon!

You can see the 2018 winners over on Twitter.

Your 2018 votes determined the Best New Emoji, the Most Anticipated Emoji, an award for Excellence in Emoji Use and which emoji best represents 2018 as Emoji of the Year.

Winners were announced live from the New York Stock Exchange on Cheddar July 17, 2018.

🗓 Join the Event

Let your friends on Facebook know your plans to celebrate by joining the World Emoji Day 2019 event on Facebook.

We’ll also keep you posted about local events that are taking place near you.

🎶 Sing the Anthem

Written and produced by Jonathan Mann, we encourage you to upload your own video singing along. Or just put it on repeat in the office.

🎈 Emoji Royalty

🎂 Birthday on July 17? Not everyone is fortunate enough to have an emoji showing their date of birth. Be kind with your humble subjects on this day, despite knowing that you are the true emoji royalty.

Notable July 17 Birthdays:

🎂 Hold An Emoji Party


Invite your friends around and dress as your favorite emoji character. The more obscure, the better.

You can bake emoji cakes, too!

🔥 Light Up Twitter

Tweet your favorite emoji. Tweet your favorite 50 emojis. There’s only one World Emoji Day, so make the most of it!

Let’s see Twitter alive with more emojis than it has ever seen. Include the #WorldEmojiDay hashtag in your tweet, so everyone else can follow along too.


Tweet #WorldEmojiDay

💬 Keep it Emoji-only

👉 Email from your kid’s 🏫 schoolRespond with emojis.
👉 Text from 👵 GrandmaDescribe your day using emojis.

World Emoji Day is brought to you by Emojipedia, the world’s leading emoji resource.
👉 Running late for 🏢 workApologize with emojis!
👉 Phone call from the 🏦 bankProbably best to answer that.

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