Happy Doctors Day 2019 Theme

Happy Doctors Day 2019 Theme : 30 June 2019 World Doctors Day will be celebrated in USA, 1 July in India and different dates in all countries. Every year on Doctor’s Day the peoples of world tries to aware the other people about the importance of Doctors in the World and telling them about the the problems faced by the different types of Doctor’s violence happening with the doctors across the world. Now this time our theme is also like it.

Happy Doctors Day 2019 Theme

Happy Doctors Day 2019 Theme

This time theme of International Doctors Day is “zero tolerance to violence against doctors and clinical establishment”. Doctors Day 2019 Theme will also create awareness toward all. From July 1 to Jul 8 2019, will also be celebrated as ‘Safe Fraternity Week’.

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Problem Faced by the Doctors

When any patient is admitted on a hospital, the doctor is not only taking the responsibility of diagnosing the afflicted but indirectly they have to take the responsibility of explaining the process to the patients’ relatives who have pinned their hopes on the professional.

In February 2018 in Kolkata City of India, relatives of a patient who died due to alleged medical negligence beat up the doctors who they thought were responsible for the death.

Doctors have to give their more time to the patient than the family to earn. They get less holiday as compared to other professionals.

Doctors have to grow up with the new technologies coming in the future world.

Sometimes they have to do extra work when they got the patients from wealthy family.

Things should be Remember while going to the Doctor’s

  1. Don’t misbehaves with the doctor’s
  2. Don’t ask about the patient more and more time when they are busy in their work because they have to handle all the patients
  3. When Doctor’s are free then you can take permission to talk about your patient.

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