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At a young age, 12-year-old Aryan Debnath from Gurgaon became accustomed to the silence around him as he struggled with the problem of late speech and autistic spectrum disorder, which made communication difficult. His interest in coding helped him create an app to help other autistic children like him. Considering Aryan’s speech challenge, his mother, Anamika Sengupta, spoke on his behalf with the Education Times.


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Education and autism

“Even today, regular educators follow an elementary program for autistic children, without distinguishing one student from another. Unfortunately, in most cases, autism is equated with intellectual disability, “said Sengupta.

“Last year, my mother found one class option after another offered by Whitehat Jr. I finally had a teacher who met my needs at my own pace,” says Aryan. Gradually the teachers began to understand his speech and encouraged him in his ideas. “I used to write down my ideas because verbal communication was difficult,” says Arian.


Helping others

As soon as he started working on the Aryan coding platform, he told his mentors about the need to develop applications to solve the problems faced by people with disabilities. “We had to solve real-life problems for an internal competition, which was followed by the creation of a related app. My idea was to create an optic-friendly application that would help autism patients. I won fourth place in the competition,” said Aryan.

About creation

From her own experience, Aryan was able to identify most of the problems that children with autism face in their daily lives. “A major problem is lack of communication and social skills. In this way, visuals become important because they help us to communicate better, “he said.

In the Companion app, Aryan has created a calendar that helps autistic and caring children understand and adapt to their daily schedule. The app also has emotional cues to help users express themselves. “If a child is mentally ill, the app helps him or her to spell it for his / her caregivers. Also, some autistic children are completely speechless and unable to even ask permission to use the water or washroom. The app also helps these kids, “she says.


Aryan has also created a visual library, where she uploads images that meet her daily needs. “If a child wants to go see a movie, go to a restaurant or see a doctor, he / she can contact their caregiver using the relevant pictures from the library,” he says.

An important part of the app is the in-danger feature. “Suppose a child feels insecure, he can turn on the danger button with the sound of the siren so that the people around him realize something is wrong. There is a tracking feature to help parents track their child, ”he added.

Future plans

Aryan’s focus is on customizing the app to make it better. “I want to include a camera in the next version. Sometimes, in a public place, autistic children are subjected to humiliation or harassment. In this case, a single click will activate the camera, and it can record events. If parents want legal help, they can present the recording, ”he said.


Aryan hopes to release an improved version of the app soon. The app should be available in the iOS App Store soon, Arian says.

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