Govt must take strong steps against Pak and China, or else they will pose threat to India’s existence: Shiv Sena | India News – Times of India

MUMBAI: Amid tensions along the Line of Control (LoC), Shiv Sena on Wednesday said that if the central government does not take strong action, China and Pakistan will unite and become a threat to India’s existence.
Referring to the “political East India Company” without naming the BJP, the party said in its mouthpiece ‘Samana’ that while China was continuing its offensive, India was engaged in talks.
The party also called China an “imperialist imperialist nation.”
Against the backdrop of recent attacks on Hindus and Sikhs in Jammu and Kashmir, the editorial said, Hindus have fled the valley as Narendra Modi is in power at the Center. It said it was not a party like the BJP which was the champion of Hindutva.
“The Prime Minister, the Home Minister and the Defense Minister must understand the plight of such people,” the Marathi publication said.
Violence in Kashmir has escalated since the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan, it said. Referring to the stalemate between the Indian and Chinese armies, it was said that 1 round of talks was held to bring the situation under control, but it was not very successful.
“People’s Liberation Army officers expand the talks, but in the end do whatever they want. China is not ready to accept any constructive change, ”the editorial observed.
It claims that China supports everything that Pakistan is doing in Kashmir. Beijing also has the backing of “undemocratic” forces in power in Afghanistan.
“If the government does not take drastic action, China and Pakistan will unite and threaten India’s existence. The country’s political East India Company should understand this, ”Sen said.
India and China have failed to make any progress in resolving the 17-month stalemate at the remaining friction points in eastern Ladakh, the Indian military said on Monday, adding that it had not offered “constructive advice” in recent military talks. Neither China nor Beijing has made any “far-sighted” proposals.
In a strong statement after the 13th round of talks on Sunday, which ended in a stalemate, the military said the situation in the LAC was due to “unilateral efforts” by China to change the situation and that it was necessary for China to take appropriate steps to restore peace in the region.


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