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Gaza / Athens: Mohammed Hamada, a Palestinian weightlifter from the Gaza Strip, won a gold medal at the IWF Junior World Championships in Greece on Monday, organizers and his family said.
It was a rare international victory for an athlete in an area of ​​two million people, lacking world-class training facilities.

At the Athens event, Hamada won gold for the snatch lift in the 20, 102kg weight class. He took a bronze medal in the overall result, based on the contestant’s best snatch and clean and jerk lift.

Hamada traveled to the UAE in January to prepare for the competition, spending 40 days in a training camp in the Gulf country. He has trained as well as several world champions in other camps in Russia.
He started his career at the age of 12 by competing in local competitions in Gaza.
“I cried. We all did. This is Mohammed’s first world gold medal, a world gold medal for Palestine,” Khamis Hamada, his father in Gaza, told Reuters.
“It’s an achievement for every Palestinian. I’m proud of my son,” she said after watching the event with family, friends and local sports officials.
Last year, Hamada was the first Palestinian weightlifter to compete in the Olympic Games, finishing seventh in Tokyo.
“We have enjoyed this victory for weeks and months, and we are satisfied that the training and preparation plan has paid off today,” said Asad al-Mazdalawi, deputy chairman of the Palestinian Olympic Committee.
“This victory is a message to the whole world – the Palestinian people deserve a better life and deserve to be free,” Mazdalawi told Reuters.


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