The Graduate Eligibility Test (GATE) in Engineering is a one-time opportunity for those who want to enroll in the Engineering Masters program.

The GATE exam is once a year. For 2022, it will operate on 5, 6, 12 and 13 February 2022 Test results will be announced by March 17, 2022

This year IIT Kharagpur will be the governing body for GATE exams and duration will be 3 hours. Slight changes to the GATE 2022 AR test pattern that have already been reported.


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When the examinees catch the cracks in the test by burning oil in their midnight. There are some mistakes they usually make that prevent them from taking the test on the first try.


Some of the mistakes that students must avoid are listed below.

1. Ignoring college education

Students neglect their college studies while preparing for GATE exam 2022. Students will face many new things if they do not go to college.


This will serve as a barrier to GATE 2022 preparations.

2. Being under pressure from colleagues

Many students prepare for both IES and GATE exams at the same time under peer pressure, even if they are not interested in an exam.

Students are less likely to succeed if they prepare for both exams. The syllabus of IES is very difficult and huge.


Students should focus on GATE if they are determined to take the GATE test.

3. Not giving adequate GATE mock test

To get a good rank in GATE 2022 exam, it is just as important as the preparation of the syllabus given for the mock test.

Many students who want to pass the exam only prepare for it and do not take the mock exam. This prevents them from cracking the test.


The mock test helps students to joke about the test they will face on the actual day of the test. So students have to take mock test. For the GATE 2022 exam students can plan their GATE 2022 exam with Oswal’s solved question paper from the previous year. Students will find different learning directions there such as:

* 12 year Solved Papers 2010-2021 (by year) with detailed explanation

* 2 Sample Question Paper – Smart Answer Key with Detailed Explanation.

* Mixed education (print and online support)


* Tips and techniques to crack the test on the first try

* GATE qualification cut-off and maximum number of 2021 and 2020- according to steam

* GATE General Aptitude 2021 to 2017 – Trend Analysis

* Gate score calculation


* Mind maps and concept education

Click here for the suggested link for the previous year’s solved question paper for GATE Exam 2022

4. Not preparing short revision notes for GATE test

Many students prepare extensively for the GATE exam throughout the year. But, they do not score a good rank in cracking it.


A significant reason behind this is the non-preparation of revision notes. If students do not have revision notes in hand then they cannot easily reflect on their weak areas.

5. Lack of attention or carrying unnecessary stress

There have been several instances where students have tried hard but failed to perform up to the mark in GATE 2022 exams.

The main reason behind this is decentralized mind or unnecessary stress. Students do not believe in their preparation which throws them into the sea of ​​self-doubt.


Students should focus on their goals and work towards them religiously.

The latest thought

There are about 40 days left for the upcoming GATE 2022 exams.

Students should avoid these mistakes to get better and higher place in GATE exam. Apart from these mistakes, if the student is thoroughly prepared for the exam, he will definitely get a good rank.

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