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IIT Kharagpur, GATE 2022 PG Entrance Examination with the work of organizing, the application correction window opened on 26th October 2021. The GATE 2022 Exam Application Correction Window opened on November 1, 2021. The last date to make changes is November 12, 2021. GATE will be conducted in February 2022. However, the official date has not been announced yet. After that, the registered candidates will be allowed to change or edit their application for GATE by logging in to the GOAPS portal through the official website i.e. For depth you can go to the official site

The Bachelor’s Qualification Examination in Engineering (GATE) enables admission to various Masters (Master of Engineering, Master of Technology, Master of Architecture) and doctoral programs across the country.


The GATE score is used by some Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) for their recruitment and for admission to other universities abroad.

The GATE test is Three hours Duration including two categories, General Eligibility (GA) and a subject selected by the candidate.

If you also can’t start preparing on time, you can follow the tips below to help GATE 2022 crack successfully.



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1. Testing techniques

Make a plan that covers important issues and give it some time to correct. GATE’s Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), Multiple Choice Questions (MSQs), and Numerical Answer Type (NAT) questions are surrounded by questions that test your application, analysis, comprehension, withdrawal, and synthesis, which means your conceptual clarity must be abundant. Will.


The GA section consists of 10 questions and 15 numbers. Mark one of the five questions and the other five questions are numbered 2 each.

This section is broadly divided into two parts: verbal and numerical ability.

Verbal power questions cover grammar, word groups, verbal analogy sentence endings, critical reasoning.


Numerical power covers numerical reasoning, numerical calculation, numerical inference, and data interpretation.

For topics of your choice, find important questions from the syllabus, past year’s question papers, and create a strategy that includes the most time for important topics.

Oswaal GATE Solved question paper of previous 12 years The first attempt has tips and tricks to catch cracks in the exam, so that students are given more tips on kickstarting and cracking the exam.


2. Daily schedule for each chapter

With only a limited number of days left to prepare, you need to create a daily schedule.


Calculate the total number of topics to cover and how many hours you can spend each day studying.

Based on the number of days remaining for the exam, you can increase the number of hours per day to ensure full syllabus coverage.

You can devote one hour per day to the GA department so that you do not leave this part behind.


Creating a daily schedule will show you how soon you can finish your syllabus and start revising.

You should budget for some buffer time for each subject if you need some extra time for any subject you find particularly difficult.

3. Sample papers


Until GATE in the last few weeks, rigorous practice is a must.

The more you practice, the more you will develop problem solving skills. It helps you identify your weak areas and equip your strong areas.

In addition, by solving many sample papers, you create speed, discipline and accuracy, skills that are crucial in high-stack testing like GATE.


Oswal GATE Question Bank | Resolved question papers of previous 12 years Resolved papers of last 12 years (2010 – 2021) with detailed explanation GATE previous 12 years solved question paper There are also cognitive learning tools Mind maps and memoirs Which helps students prepare for GATE.

It contains 2 sample question papers and smart answer key with detailed explanation.


Suggested link for here GATE 2022 Question Bank | Previous year solved question paper for 2022 exam:

4. Revision

Adequate revision is the key to getting high scores in exams.


There is a comprehensive curriculum for GATE preparation.

Setting a separate time for reconsideration is important to make sure the ideas are embedded in your memory.

More time is needed to understand and capture the descriptive subject.


Students need to remember the definitions and concepts and apply them to the exam in terms of a practical question.

Therefore, the more you correct, the better your retention will be.

5. Learning analysis


For highly competitive exams like GATE, it’s important to spend your constant time understanding your performance and preparation.

Take the time to identify the types of incorrect answers to investigate which issues you need to focus more on.

Search for topics that you can’t answer correctly despite being prepared.


It can help provide that extra preparation for GATE 2022 This technique will help you unlock insights related to your preparation and conceptual understanding


With the right resources and testing techniques, you will be able to crack GATE 2022 in a limited amount of time.


Conceptual understanding, discipline and rigorous practice are essential to succeed in an extremely intense test like GATE.

Thoroughly examine your performance every day to unlock areas where you can improve.

Disclaimer: Content produced by Oswal’s book


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