When we saw Luke Skywalker pour his cup into the blue milk Star wars, Many of us wondered what it might taste like. When Remy filled the ratatouille dish with the rat in the glittering Disney movie, our hearts wanted to know what this sensational dish was. Likewise, there are tons of fictional food that we have seen in cartoons and movies but never tasted in real life. Skeptics would have ruled out such a possibility, but video maker Gabriel Williams has turned the tables around by bringing back countless fictional foods to life. Don’t believe us? Then you are going to be surprised.

Gabriel started making waffles and shrub wrappers in his kitchen. She has shared photos of snacks at home from time to time. He stepped up his game last Christmas when his film marathon inspired his culinary skills. Some days, Jack Frost made his baked blueberry coffee muffins. And one day he saw Extremely cold snowman And baked melted ice cream cookies.

From January, Gabriel began sharing short videos where he tried to copy dishes from Disney movies. One of his first meals in this real-life Disney food series was a rice bowl from the Disney Princess movie Mulan.


Gabriel created muffins inspired in 1991 in a dining scene Beauty and the Beast And killed the iced rolls from the movie Brave.

Disney Princess movies contributed a lot to Gabriel’s list. Shefel baked from him Beauty and the Beast, From the poisoned apple of Evil Quinn Snow white And Sleeping Beauty’s clumsy birthday cake, write a few names.

However, Gabriel didn’t stop with the Princess movies. We also liked to see how we took notice of different foods in other pictures. From 101 Dalmatis, He prepared crunchy and Horace’s Bologna sandwiches.

A view from Chronicles of Nornia, When Edmund White was persuaded by the Queen, inspired Gabriel to enjoy some delicious Turkish.


However, he adopted a recipe that did not exist before, except for the movies. One of these dishes is Ratatuil from the movie of the same name.

Gabriel is also looking at other events for inspiration. He looked up Simpsons To make this interesting hot cocoa cup.

He also made a blueberry milkshake to copy Star wars Blue milk drink.

Nowadays, Gabrielle has switched to Nickelodeon shows for inspiration and shared Sponge Bob’s crabby patties with us.


Let us know which one you like the most.


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