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An educational institution is the sum of the overall policy of an organization, the vision of the leader, the razor-sharpness of the faculty members, the commitment of the staff members, the aspirations of the students and the gratitude of the alumni. The former network is an extended and extended identity of any educational institution. The feeling of going back to Alma-Matter is a nostalgic journey, moreover, an expression of gratitude. The well-known former base adds to the institutional legacy and acts as the wind under the wings of many young aspirants.

Young Alams (Image courtesy: KJ Somaiya Institute of Management)

There is a wind like Mysore-based National Institute of Engineering (NIE), but there was a storm – Narayan Murthy, the legendary Indian businessman and founder of Infosys, was the first generation to shape the Indian IT sector in the early 1990s and inspire thousands of young minds. Once The most powerful CEO of India Inc., Narayan Murthy, says, “No institution is bothered more than its alumni”. As a man of his words, in 201, he reached out to his alma mater and so on His colleague Global went on a week-long tour of the United States to find and reconnect alumni. To make NIE a healthier institution and to add immense value to the university.


Mediaware_image_0Narayan Murthy, Founder, Infosys (Image courtesy: Infosys)

There is a series of antecedent-related anecdotes that each of us resonates in its own way. In 2015, in a heart-warming conversation with a 1993-99 batch alumnus of the KJ Somaiya Institute of Management, Sendil Kumar recalled his then-director Professor Arya, who used to invite every student on his birthday to greet them. Even after 25 years, he and his batch-mates cherish it. It is that memory that brings alumni back to their alma mater and reaffirms the impact of teachers on their alumni.

An alma mater is a home that shelters millions of hearts with dreams and hopes, finding their home on the global map year after year. An organization extends beyond its physical campus through its former network. Incoming, current and alumni share the value and bond shared through a sense of engagement with their common alma mater is enough to break the ice and establish a healthy connection.


For alumni, helping build alumni networks is one of the selfless tasks. Over the past ten years, Mehul Ashar, a former KJ Somaiya Institute of Management, 2002-04 batch, has been instrumental in shaping the Hyderabad ex-local circle for his alma mater. As shared by most of the Hyderabad-based Alamgir “If Mehul calls, we have to join“, That’s the power of peer-effects.

Mediaware_image_0Hyderabad Alumni Meeting (Image courtesy: KJ Somaiya Institute of Management)

E.g. Harvey Specter, Fictional lead character from the popular series LawsuitSays, “Loyalty is a two-way streetThis is also true of alumni relationships. An institute’s alumni initiatives and alumni active involvement go hand in hand. Ful organizations struggle, resurrect and expand through the engagement of meaningful alumni, and so alumni seek, acquire and maintain alumni. Involvement of do-meters involved.



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The scholars are the ambassadors who have the goodwill and faith of the institute towards the society and the professional ecosystem. At times, the alumni’s allegiance to their alma mater may even go beyond the professional realm. An example cited by Jatindeep Sachdev, a 40-year legacy in management education and 13,000+ alumni worldwide, alumnus of KJ Somaiya Institute of Management from 1990-01 batch Example. She shares that four members of her immediate family took an MBA from her alma mater. The kind of confidence and self-confidence that alumni can build for a brand is second to none.

The current COVID-19 epidemic has hit everyone hard on a personal and professional level, but it certainly comes with a silver lining for ex-relationships. The epidemic has spawned many alumni networks, and alumni were delighted to see the way they came together to help each other, their families and their parents. The epidemic led to the digital transformation of educational institutions with the help of technology to bring the former network closer. Platforms like LinkedIn (alumni tools for educational pages), WhatsApp and Telegram groups, zoom video conferencing, etc. facilitate alumni offices at the institute to facilitate networking with alumni and bring them back to campus in practice. Geographical barriers no longer exist, allowing alumni from anywhere in the world to engage with their alma mater with just a mouse-click. It is the alumni relationship that leads from academia to corporate with regular communication between alumni and students. Alumni can be outsiders in expressing gratitude – as mentors, guest speakers, employers and on the list.


One of the major milestones in the alumni relationship at the Indian Institute of Higher Education (HII) came in January 2021. University Grants Commission (UGC), Government of India (Government). In agreement with the National Education Policy (NEP 2020), India has advised HII to set up an alumni cell to connect alumni. Also, a few approved agencies consider alumni outreach as a ranking parameter for B-schools. The Government of India’s emphasis on connecting alumni is an encouraging indicator for alumni to become mainstream parameters in the rankings.

The former network of an educational institution is its greatest asset. The organization’s involvement with the former network is a long-term practice. An optimistic intention and positive action succeeds in building a strong community of fruitful people that will help reconnect with Alma-Matter for clear and unwavering support. The gift back is immense, especially when it comes to alumni time, knowledge and resources; And contributing to one’s own alma mater is a generous gesture of gratitude and a valuable way to nurture the organization that nurtures them.

– Arvind Pandi Durai


Author KJ Somaiya Head of the Office of Advancement (Former Relations, Public Relations and Development) at the Institute of Management

Claim denied: Content produced by Mr. Arvind Pandi Durai – KJ Somaiya Institute of Management



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