NEW DELHI: Called a “historic milestone for the country’s infrastructure scene”, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will today launch the PM Mobility-National Master Plan for Multi-Modal Connectivity here to address the lack of coordination among different departments.
“Infrastructure in India has suffered from many problems for decades. There was a lack of coordination among different departments. For example, once a road is built, other companies re-excavate the constructed road such as underground cables, gas pipelines, etc. This is not the only major problem. There was also a wasteful cost. It was an attempt to increase coordination so that all cables, pipelines, etc. could be laid at the same time. ”
Steps have also been taken to address other issues such as deadline approval process, multiplication of regulatory clearances, etc. In the last seven years, the government has ensured unprecedented focus on infrastructure through a holistic approach.
Major dynamics will solve past problems by institutionalizing the overall plan for stakeholders for major infrastructure projects. Instead of planning and designing individually in the silo, projects will be designed and executed with a common vision. It will include infrastructure projects of various Ministries and State Governments such as India, Sagarmala, Inland Waterways, Dry / Land Ports, UDAN etc. Economic Zones such as Textile Cluster, Pharmaceutical Cluster, Defense Corridor, Electronic Park, Indian Corridor, Industrial Corridor, Areas will be covered to make businesses more competitive. It will make extensive use of technology, including spatial planning tools with ISRO diagrams developed by BSAG-N (Bhaskaracharya National Institute for Space Applications and Geoinformatics).
“Private ministries and departments often work in Silo. Lack of coordination in project planning and implementation leads to delays. Prime Minister’s dynamics will help coordinate the activities of each department as well as different levels of administration. The system ensures coordination of work between them,” the statement said.
All ministries and departments will now be able to view, review and monitor the progress of cross-sectoral projects through the GIS platform, as satellite images will provide ground-based progress and project progress will be regularly updated on the portal. This will help identify key interventions for developing and updating the master plan.
PM dynamics is the result of the Prime Minister’s relentless efforts to build next-generation infrastructure that enhances Ease of Doing and Ease of Doing Business. Multi-modal connectivity will provide integrated and unlimited connectivity for the movement of people, products and services from one mode of transport to another. This will facilitate the last mile connection of the infrastructure and also reduce the travel time of the people.
The Prime Minister will inaugurate the new exhibition complex (Exhibition Hall 2 to 5) at Pragati Maidan. The main event of India Trade Promotion Organization, India International Trade Fair (IITF) 2021 will also be held in these new exhibition halls from November 14-27, 2021.
Ministers of Commerce, Road Transport and Highways, Railways, Civil Aviation, Shipping, Power, Petroleum and Natural Gas will also be present on the occasion.


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