Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis wins injunction against CDC halt of cruise line sailing

Florida Gov. Ron Desantis claimed victory Friday when a federal judge suspended work on a cruise line during the COVD-19 epidemic after approving a preliminary injunction against the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s “Conditional Ship Order.”

In its ruling, U.S. District Judge Steven Meridde approved the ban but noted that it would not take effect until July 16. The court said CDC officials would have to make arrangements by July 2 to set a proper guideline so that the cruise line could run on time. And “to support the proposed terms with current scientific evidence.”

“The CDC was wrong on all sides and they knew it,” Desantis said in a statement. “The CDC and the Biden administration planned to sink the cruise industry behind bureaucratic delays and lawsuits. Today we are securing this victory for the Florida family, for the cruise industry, and for every state that wants to preserve this right. Unprecedented federal propaganda.” “


The state of Florida requested an immediate halt to the CDC’s order, under which cruise lines could not operate unless they complied with the strict requirements set out by the federal government. The state argued that the order would cause irreparable damage to the Florida economy, possibly cost “not millions, but billions of dollars” and put pressure on cruise line operators to relocate.

Florida asks federal court to block CDC order, allow Crisis Lines to resume trips

In response to the coronavirus epidemic, the CDC last issued a “No Sale Offer” for a US cruise line last March. The agency has issued conditional shipping orders to allow cruises to resume last October if they meet the requirements.

“Today’s ruling is a victory for hardworking Floridians whose livelihoods depend on the cruise industry,” Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody said in a statement. “The federal government should not or should not have the authority to lock and unlock an entire industry indefinitely.”


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When the order takes effect July 18, the CDC’s order will become non-binding for ships located in Florida ports and will serve as a set of recommendations rather than a requirement.

Federal attorneys argued that the CDC has jurisdiction to issue rules for cruise lines to prevent the spread of the disease. The CDC asserted that an injunction would not protect Florida from further damage as another COVID-19 outbreak on the cruise line could cause additional damage to the state’s economy.


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