Life has become quite a roller coaster ride for everyone since the onset of the epidemic in 2020. While masks, santizers and social distances have become ‘new-common’ for us, we’ve also seen a number of indigenous foods and nusks return to normal. Starting with locally grown vegetables, today we have included them in our diet. However, nothing extra is good for health. That is why it is always advisable to consult an expert before making any changes in lifestyle or diet. NDTV Food recently contacted celebrity fitness trainer Yasmin Karachiwala who shared with us some simple strategies on how to boost immunity, diet down and more. Let’s see.

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Share a few general tips to boost immunity and stay healthy during an ongoing epidemic.

As we all adapted to the ongoing epidemic, most of us realized the importance of taking steps to be aware and to strengthen our resistance. A balanced diet with nutrients like proteins, vitamins, minerals, fiber etc. will help to contribute to body mass and maintain overall health.

I want to start my day with lemon water which increases vitamin C in the body and helps to get rid of toxins. Then it stays after a handful of nuts. Almonds are rich in copper, zinc and iron which play an important role in the growth, development and maintenance of immune activity. Also, it is a good source of vitamin E which acts as an antioxidant to support pulmonary immune function. Vitamin E is also known to protect against infections caused by viruses and bacteria.

Eating right is very important, but of course exercise should not be neglected too much. Simple exercises like yoga and meditation, walking indoors or in the lobby area will increase your energy levels and keep you active.

Which local superfoods did you swear by?

I like to eat locally available greens and fruits such as fresh and nutritious food. Here are some of the foods I swear:

  • As pulses they are a significant source of vitamins and minerals
  • Vegetables and fruits for fiber intake.
  • I like nuts like nuts for the smell in the food. Almonds are a rich source of protein, a nutrient that is not only energy-producing, but also contributes to muscle mass growth and maintenance. A handful of nuts may have satisfying properties that promote a feeling of fullness, which keeps food hungry
  • And of course, khaha. At least once or twice a week, be sure to drink strong as these home remedies support your immune system and can help cure illness and fight.

I’m sure my family and I eat at least 1 fruit, 1 vegetable and 1 protein-rich meal like nuts every day.

Did the month-long lockdown inspire you to try new diets?

Not really. I was always aware of my diet and I am the one who plans meals for the week on my own. My family and I follow a weekly routine of eating 3 meals a week and 2-snacks and we make a nutritious meal plan every Sunday. I make sure to eat a balanced amount of food that is rich in fiber, calcium, protein and vitamins. Also, healthy snacks such as fresh and seasonal fruits, oats, fresh juices and nuts are some of the things we like to eat and of course recommend to others as well.

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During the empty chat session, Yasmin Karachiwala shared advice on weight loss, her fad diet, detox waters and more. According to him, a balanced diet with all the necessary nutrients is above all health.

What do you swear by that food when weight loss is effective?

I wouldn’t call it an effective diet plan rather than a meal – it includes a light breakfast with oats and nuts. Indeed, according to a recent study, snacking on nuts can reduce overall appetite drive, suppressing the unconscious desire to eat other high-fat foods, which may be effective in weight management strategies. In addition, one can choose a mid-morning fresh fruit juice or a fruit, a nutritious lunch with pulses, vegetables, fish to maintain your energy level, a vegetable sandwich and soup in the evening, light dinner with eggs or cheese, and vegetables.

What do you take in detox water?

I personally don’t drink water with anything but a lot of my clients drink half the water they need in a quota day. To them I must add cumin seeds, cumin, lemon, ginger or orange or grapefruit seeds with chia seeds. This helps them absorb the required amount of water daily and keeps them hydrated.

How important is diet to stay fit?

It is important to follow a diet that complements your fitness routine. One can dedicate 1-2 hours to exercise every day, but what he eats during the day has an equally important effect on the body. Diet and exercise go together and you can’t adopt a healthy habit and do business with other healthy eating habits. I believe in achieving overall fitness, it is important to focus 70% on your diet and 30% on regular exercise.

I always follow a diet that is rich in nutrients and helps maintain the body. A balanced diet with good carbs from protein, vitamins, minerals, fiber, legumes, green vegetables, fresh fruits and nuts helps keep the body and mind strong and healthy and provides energy that allows for better sleep, and improves the brain. Function. Fresh fruits like bananas and berries are low in calories, high in fiber, folate and potassium. These fruits act as antioxidants, which further help in solving digestive problems and flush out toxins from the body.

In addition, it is very important to eat a handful of nuts every day. Almonds are a source of 15 nutrients like Vitamin E, Magnesium, Protein, Riboflavin, Zinc etc. Almonds provide energy and a healthy source of energy to help keep you active during the day. Also, several years of research have highlighted the positive effects of eating nuts in controlling heart risk factors, better managing type-2 diabetes, and enhancing skin health. So to ensure better health in the long run, be sure to include these foods in your diet.

What is your take on the fad diet?

I don’t believe in the fad diet. I believe that staying fit and healthy is important and can be achieved through regular exercise and a supplemental diet but before doing so, it is important to understand what health means to you and what your goals are and then adapt to your fitness and diet plan. Be sure to include foods that provide a variety of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, such as quinoa, healthy salads, oats, green vegetables, nuts, etc.

Cheating on your diet or avoiding a workout – which one would you choose?

There are some days when you may feel lazy or inattentive and may feel like skipping your practice time. In those days, I just liked to do simple exercises like doing pilates for 30 minutes. These light exercises help keep my mind and body energized and refreshed. For days of cheating, I have a cheat-meal that helps me cut my habit evenly.

Finally, share with us a fitness secret that many people don’t know about.

Many people believe that working out for a long time helps to lose weight fast. But this is not the case. Health is not a short-term goal that can be achieved with a crush diet, or fitness disciplines, and nothing can change your life unless you make a serious effort and stay healthy, something you need to dedicate yourself to, because It will only help you to improve in the long run. People promise to stay healthy, but soon the motivation fades and they come back to square one again. So, my advice here is to try to match your diet and fitness discipline with your routine and preferences instead of charting diet plans.


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