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Educart Question Bank for Term 2 – Are They Really Worthy of Popularity?

There have been several changes in the CBSE syllabus and board paper pattern in the previous two academic years. However, as Term 2 sample papers await, it is not yet certain whether the board exams will meet 100% MCQ-based or objective and thematic questions. Movement has begun to develop among students for the right study material, which must now be 100% compliant with the latest changes.

For the past two years, we have been hearing that Educart reference books are appropriately popular for both CBSE and ICSE boards.

There is no doubt that these books are now a favorite of most CBSE and ICSE students. Therefore, we decided to take a closer look at the contents of Educart’s recent Term 2 question banks for Class 10 and Class 12 based on the following parameters.


  1. Physical research: Our internal affairs experts have examined the content of these books for their accuracy, presentation and relevance.
  2. Online Presence: Amazon and Flipkart ratings say a lot about an online product. So, we recorded them over time.
  3. Review of e-commerce websites: We’ve also seen reviews that students and teachers are now leaving on Amazon, Flipkart, Cora and Brainley.
  4. Survey: Finally, we sat down with some of the school teachers at the top CBSE schools to talk about their experience with the Educart book in general and about term 2.
mediawire_image_0Question banks for Educart CBSE Class 10 and Class 12 Term 2 board exams are available on Amazon.

Read below to know what we got.

1. Relevance with recent CBSE changes

The CBSE has provided various guidelines (through circulars and webinars) on how to create questions that follow skills-based learning. Recently, it was also stated that term 2 sample papers may include both objective and thematic questions rather than their root memorization skills to assess students’ knowledge and skills.



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So, for an exercise material book to be good enough, publishers must be aware of these guidelines and introduce such questions into their resources. Also, these books now need to include questions that can test students’ various skills.

Educart Book Review: 6

  • In both CBSE Term 2 Question Banks for Class 10 and Class 12, we noticed a variety of questions in each chapter including objective questions (MCQs, stand alone VSAs etc.) and thematic questions (stand alone, diagram / table / situation / case- Based questions, A / R, long answers, etc.)
  • There is a separate section for their skill-based questions (objective + thematic) that can assess students’ abilities, skills and knowledge rather than memorization skills.

Educart Question Banks is 100% based on the latest guidelines and we hope that they will include 2 future term changes in their books.

mediawire_image_0Edukart Term 2 Question Bank Bundle has a 4.5+ rating on both Amazon and Flipkart lists.

2. Number of practice questions

Question bank books should be made in such a way that they justify their names with the question bank. Each chapter must contain a collection of different CBSE new pattern questions (at least 10-25 in each).

Educart Book Review: 6


  • As claimed, Educart Question Banks actually included more than 300 questions in their language (English and Hindi) books and more than 500-600 questions in their main subject (Mathematics, Science, SST) books.
  • Examples solved for extra practice, practice has lots of questions and even unresolved questions (including their solutions) Website)
  • After examining last year’s papers and sample papers, we found that these books also included some important questions of 10th and 12th grade curriculum.

It has been said that more than 40-50% of the questions from these books come on board exams and we must say, we agree.

mediawire_image_0Response from a CBSE teacher when asked about the popularity of Educart books in their school

3. Quality of questions and solutions


The quality of the question is an essential factor for focusing on the question bank. Students and even teachers look to these books for their final board preparation. While the theory is rare, the value of questions and their solutions must be on point.

Educart Book Review: 6

  • We really appreciate how Educart has provided solutions and detailed explanations to almost all the solved questions.
  • The language is easy to understand and fully relevant to the topics covered in the reduced 2021-22 syllabus of Class 10 and 12.

With these detailed explanations and solutions, students can easily recall NCERT topics related to the questions asked. This feature adds more quality to the reference book application.


mediawire_image_0A student answered a Quora question and explained how he got 94 marks in 12th class math board exam with Educart Question Bank

4. Affordable for everyone

Sometimes, the price of a book is actually the only reason some students and teachers can’t afford it. They look for affordable with as many useful features as possible. Thus, a Term 2 question bank worth ₹ 200 with adequate questions, theory and quality explanations is definitely valuable for students interested in the final practice material of the board exam.

Educart Book Review: 6


Most EduCart question banks for Class 10 and Class 12 are available for purchase under 175.

With up to 500+ questions on most subjects and multiple features in line with the latest CBSE syllabus, they are valuable.

mediawire_image_0Edukart CBSE Term 2 Skills-Based Question Bank Rank in Top 10 on Amazon

To our surprise, Educart exceeded our expectations in every parameter of research for their term 2 question banks. If today, they have earned such a good name, we can fully see how they are offering so many features at really affordable prices. From our point of view, they are completely reliable for Term 2 Class 10 and 12 board exams.


CBSE Term 2 Skill-Based Question Bank: Class 10 | Class 12

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