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NEW DELHI: Faced with SC’s question on the rationale for setting an income limit of Rs 8 lakh for EWS quota, which is the same for OBCs, the Center said the resolution could not be a mathematical formula, suggesting the matter be left to the government.
Noting that the criterion was based on a report by the Sinho Commission, which in 2010 recommended adopting the Creamy Layer Benchmark for OBCs for EWS, the Center said that various limits were not set on the basis of cost of living and per capita income. Possible.
‘Check places to make sure only the needy get EWS Sops’
The Rs 8 lakh limit will benefit more people from the general population – who do not suffer from social and educational backwardness as the basis for OBC conservation – and reduce the risk of additional inclusion, the center said. Other checks to ensure that only needy people can avail the EWS quota facility in case of admission in government jobs and educational institutions.
Responding to a court question on why the same income limit would be applied across the country despite rural-urban segregation and different per capita incomes, the government indicated that a certain content could be inevitable and said, / Impossible to achieve mathematical accuracy “.
“It has been submitted that the policy of fixing Rs 8 lakh as the criterion for determining EWS is reasonable for appointing creamy lawyers in OBC section and in accordance with Articles 14, 15 and 16 of the Constitution. The practice has been conducted. Since the basic premise is that if an individual / his / her family has sufficient financial position, his / her / her benefits may not require reservation at the expense of others … In any case, the office memorandum provides more exclusive criteria, “the affidavit said. Done.
“In order to provide more checks only to ensure that the needy get the benefit of preservation, further omissions have been made in the office memorandum which does not apply to appointing creamy lawyers for OBCs,” the affidavit said, stating that a person would not be entitled. EWS Kota has 5 acres of land or 1,000 sq ft flat with him / her family or a residential plot of 100 sq yards or 200 sq yards in the advertised municipality.


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