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Mohammad Kausha is Associate Vice President of Global Growth ETS. In his role, Kauser oversees the performance of the company’s operating enterprise activities outside the United States. He has collaborated with consultants in the fields of global language learning, higher education and corporate development, and with ETS’s partner organizations, global distributors, and consultants within the country. Prior to her current role, Kausha had a growing role at ETS, including Associate Vice President of TOEFL and TOEIC Product Management and Managing Director of ETS Global BV. In this interview, he shared what it means to establish ETS India for organizations, candidates, institutions and key stakeholders:

Q. ETS has been operating in India for decades, why set up a subsidiary in 2021?


ETS has a long history of providing reliable, innovative and equitable learning solutions to students worldwide since its inception in 1947. For over 70 years, we have been driven by a vision that all people can improve their lives. Education This is why behind everything we do is our uncompromising commitment to justice and fairness. For decades, we have been helping Indian students travel around the world to fulfill their dream of higher education and advance their education. The education landscape in India is evolving rapidly, and we are committed to supporting the community from within, including both institutions and students. Throughout this period, we have gained significant ground supporting learning and the confidence of Indian examinees. To further strengthen and expand our presence in India, we have set up a dedicated Indian subsidiary, ETS India, with a well-equipped team to support ETS operations in the country to continue this work.

Q. What is the importance of Indian market for ETS? How will the ETS subsidiary help expand its market share?

India has emphasized higher education as a key skill to meet the needs of the 21st century workforce. ETS seeks to help Indian students achieve their goals by providing tools and assessments that help students take the next step in the global market. We acknowledge that India is the second largest country for higher education student flow in the world and offers us TOEFL® And GRE® Assessment to assist the examinees in their educational journey. To take advantage of the vast opportunities that India offers, we will place a sustainable focus on developing and implementing locally made initiatives backed by a dedicated and strong local management team with a competent sales and marketing firm. Our perception of the education landscape abroad and within India will increase demand for our offers and expand our footprint in the country.



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Q. How will ETS India affect / benefit Indian candidates?

Our establishment of ETS India further strengthens ETS ‘commitment to the Indian market and our continued support to help students in the country improve their English-language skills and achieve their academic dreams. We look forward to continuing our well-known high-quality, valid assessment and learning solutions through ETS India. Indian students will benefit from having an on-the-ground team to serve them on their learning journey, as well as exposure to learning products and solutions to help bring their learning to the full circle, not just evaluated ETS offers.


Q. When will the subsidiary be fully operational? Where will its headquarters be?

ETS India is a wholly established subsidiary of ETS and is currently in operation. We are in the process of developing a strategic plan and will begin immediate recruitment and staffing to make the plan fully operational next year. ETS India will be led by Lejo Sam Omen, Managing Director, and will be supported by Siddharth Iyer, Director of Marketing and Director of Operations. ETS India will be headquartered in New Delhi / National Capital Region (NCR). Its proximity to education leaders and current ETS in-country partners makes it an ideal location.


Q. What are the new / potential partnerships that will help Indian subsidiary ETS explore?

ETS Strategic Capital, ETS, a subsidiary of Private Equity Investment and M&A Execution Arm, and its partners source transactions both in the domestic United States and internationally, India-based colleges have recently invested in an equity, India’s largest global admissions and education-service platform for higher education institutions in the country. The formation of ETS India will continue to strengthen our relationship with key partners in the country, expanding cooperation and investment opportunities for both ETS and Indian businesses, to study at various stakeholders such as schools, institutions, corporations, education agents, language instructors and abroad. Advisor

Q. With the introduction of NEP, India is undergoing major changes in higher education, how does ETS view these changes? Please comment.


We have reached a critical point in the ongoing evolution of education – there is a fundamental change in how educational services are provided, how tools and assessments are structured, and how students, schools and organizations are employed and connected. Our goal is to fully align with the new Education Policy (NEP) – to provide a fair and accessible education for all. With our funding, skills and learning experience, ETS is filling in the gaps as new opportunities arise. We will continue to bring value-added capabilities to our portfolio in evaluation, research and development, global distribution and innovative technologies, and are open to partnering with the Government of India to take education to the global level in India.

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