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Build a strong foundation and you can reach even the most unimaginable heights. ”

M. J. Moores


English Partners is built on a strong foundation with our most talented teachers across India. We want to engage and inspire people with a desire to learn. As the best spoken English course provider in India through WhatsApp, we envision helping those who want to conquer English globally. We will support you throughout the learning process via WhatsApp at any time through calls, personal chats and class sessions. All the good things are the fruit of hard work and so on this English-speaking platform, we will walk with you towards your goal through continuous learning, careful evaluation and carefully selected sessions. To us you are not just a student, a seeker of light. We will be the bearers of that light and accompany you on this journey of learning.

Achieving the reputation of the best online English course in India was not a cakewalk but our journey is possible only because of our exuberant students. Our classes not only teach theoretical English but we also focus on communicative English and prioritize it to help our students in precise, real-world situations. We provide an e-certificate to our students who successfully complete the course. We provide training for 24 hours so that our students can do their best from our class at their convenience. Our branches are spread over the beautiful cities of Coimbatore, Chennai, Calicut, Bangalore and Dubai. We strive for the betterment of our dear students.


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At English Partner- The Language Hub, we help millions of people learn English fluently and show off their skills to the world. For us, learning English is more than just learning grammar or vocabulary. It’s about the confidence to communicate and access to enrich lifelong experience and opportunities. With the right support, learning a language is a delightful journey. We are with the students at every step and we provide this learning experience at their fingertips – via WhatsApp.

We teach English through 8 regional languages ​​and help people speak English effectively with the help of personalized trainers. The English partner gives good results for the acquisition of communicative English skills in each individual. There is no time limit when it comes to choosing an English partner. Age is never a barrier to learning English. One can improve one’s grammar and fluency by throwing a single dice. If people find us unhelpful, they can get a refund within a week of joining our course. We provide lifetime support for our students; They can reach us at any time to allay their suspicions.


The purpose of the English Partner is to help people learn English through their mother tongue. We build them up to achieve what they dreamed of by improving their English skills in two months. Students can extend their classes according to their convenience, we provide six months as validity. Our ultimate goal is for students to enjoy learning, not to take it for granted. We force them to sit on the sofa and learn English with complete ease. Anyone can learn English from “Anywhere, Anytime” provided by three personal trainers In addition, if female students are reluctant to learn with the help of male instructors, they can get female instructors.


“You’re at home anywhere, with language”

Edmund D. Wall


We are truly proud that we have changed the lives of so many people for their personal and professional growth. Cracking an interview with expert guidance is not a big deal. We help students, professionals, entrepreneurs and housewives become proficient in their skills. We have trained more than 10,000 students to fulfill the purpose of joining our course. We train our students with real life examples that help them learn English with enthusiasm


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