Easy Recipes: Beat Your Hunger In 15 Minutes With These Easy Lunch Ideas

It’s almost noon, and now you have to think about what to make for lunch. When we are busy with our housework, work meetings and other chores – what to do for lunch stands like our sword. We all wish from time to time that we have a cook who can make anything we want to eat. But alas, we have cooked ourselves since the lockdown began. If you are still thinking about how to make lunch in the middle of all your work, we have just the recipe for you.

Here are some lunch recipes you can make in 15 minutes:

1. Vegetable mixture

Have you left some VG since last night? Cut the vegetables of your choice into small pieces and grate them in the garlic and butter. Then, add your favorite spices to flavor it. This mixed vegetable concept is easy to make and super nutritious.


Cut your favorite vegetables into small pieces and add them to the garlic and butter.

2. Papad is a vegetable

This Rajasthani dish is a classic and you will love to make it because it gives a new taste. Pepper or vegetable may take offbeat, but papad mixed with curd gravy is absolutely delicious.


This Rajasthani dish is one of the best


3. The eyebrows of the cheese

Who doesn’t love some spicy and yummy cheese !? Cheese Bhurji recipe is simple and delicious. All you have to do is grate your cheese and toss it in a pan with spices and shells. Never make it and enjoy it with roti or perth.


Cheese Bhurji recipe is simple and delicious

4. Corn is a vegetable


Undoubtedly this is an interesting recipe. To make it you need to prepare a yogurt based gravy and add your spices to it. Let it cook for two to three minutes and then add your corn. The sweetness of corn and masala gravy makes this dish unique.

5. Fried Rice

Is there any rice left over from last night’s dinner? Make some fried rice and enjoy it at your lunch! All you have to do is cut your favorite vegetables and toss them in a pan with spices. Then add the rice and mix. Enjoy garnished with some coriander leaves!


Make some fried rice and enjoy it at your lunch!


Make these recipes next time you feel hungry and let us know how you like them.


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