NEW DELHI: “Don’t treat young doctors as football in a game of power,” the Supreme Court said on Monday, warning the Center that if NEETs are not satisfied with the justification for last-minute changes in the super specialty, it could go beyond austerity. Exam 2021 Syllabus.

The Supreme Court has said that “these young doctors will not be allowed to be handed over to some insensitive bureaucrats” and the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MHFW), National Medical Commission (NMC) and National Examination Board (NBE) will “decorate their houses”.


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A bench of Justice DY Chandrachur and Justice BV Nagarathana asked Additional Solicitor General W Shriya Bhatti to hold a meeting with the other two authorities within a week. “It’s good to come up with some strong reasons like we’re not satisfied, we’ll pass the structure,” it said.

“Don’t think football is a game of power for these young doctors. Have a meeting and decorate your house. We will not allow the lives of these young doctors to be handed over to some sensitive bureaucrats.

The Supreme Court was hearing an application by 41 postgraduate doctors who challenged last-minute changes to the syllabus after a notice was issued for the test.

Earlier, senior advocate Shyam Devan, appearing for the young doctors, said there was an urgency in the matter and they had also submitted a written submission on the matter.

Advocate Gaurav Sharma, appearing for NMC, said they wanted to reply on the matter and sought a stay for a week.

The bench said, “Mr. Sharma, what is NMC doing? We are working on the lives of young physicians who will do super specialty courses. You have issued notice of examination on 23rd July and then changed the syllabus on 1st August. What is it? They are scheduled to sit for exams on November 13 and November 1.

Maninder Singh, a senior advocate appearing for the NBE, said they would be given time till next Monday to respond as there were good reasons to make the changes and the authorities were well aware of the students’ difficulties and were concerned after the three were approved.

The bench said, “Then why the notification of examination was issued Mr. Mr Singh? Why can’t it be next year? You see, students begin to prepare month after month for this important medicine course. What was the need for last minute change? ”

Singh said the changes in the syllabus have been going on for some time and preparations have been going on since 2018 and the concerned authorities have tried to take care of the difficulties.

“Please give us a week, we’ll explain everything,” he said.

“We are ready to listen to you but tell the authorities that we are dissatisfied with the last-minute changes. We are giving you advance notice that if we do not agree with your justification, we will pass the framework and we will deal with you,” the bench told the senior lawyer. .

It says, “Having power in someone’s hands does not mean that he can wield power without exercising his mind. When you yourself issued a notice for the test in July, what was the need to swing the boat in August. Please talk to MoHFW and NMC and get your house tidy. ”

Justice Chandrachud said that this test is very important for their (doctors’) careers and just because these doctors have already passed the MBBS test does not mean that they can change the test pattern at the last minute.

“You have to deal with the sensitivity of these young doctors,” he said.

Justice Nagarthana said, “The study pattern of these young doctors will depend on the pattern of the question. If you make last minute changes, they will be lost. ”

He said last-minute changes could lead to contempt for young doctors.

Justice Chandrachud said he agreed with his sister Judge and added “We have the example of the Common Law Admission Test (CLAT). I have heard that students have to study for two years to prepare for exams. “It takes months for these doctors to read critical medicine and prepare for the test, and you can’t just change at the last minute.”

Singh said the court would first have to hear the arguments and then form an opinion on the matter.

The bench said that it is open to arguments but if it does not accept the submission, the concerned authorities should also be prepared to accept the strictures given by the court.

“These people who are doctors on the NMC board are at the stage where young doctors are now, but that doesn’t mean they will treat them that way. You come up with something out of the ordinary. Monday’s list, ”it said.

According to the application, according to the conventional type of examination, 60 per cent marks are given in the questions of the super specialty course and 40 per cent marks are given from other courses.

According to the notification issued on August 1 to change the type of test, 100 percent marks will now be given in the general medicine question.

The young doctors said in their application that they are preparing for the test according to the previous pattern that has existed for the last three years.

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