Dodgers: Corey Seager Exits the Game With An Injury After HBP

Dodgers: Dodgers fans will always worry about injuries in the 2021 season. Since a large number of men encountered health problems at the beginning of this season, it is not easy to have a healthy lineup.

Corey Seager
Corey Seager

Corey Seager Exits the Game With An Injury After HBP

Los Angeles was a bit scary again on Saturday. Dodgers forward Corey Seager hit the ball in the hands of Marin pitcher Ross Deville.

For a moment, Seeger lay on the floor in pain. The Dodgers medical staff went out to talk to him and then removed him from the game. Sheldon Noise followed him as a runner.

If Seeger is injured, the Dodgers will suffer a huge loss. Even if his defense is not the best, Seeger is still productive in the game.

We must wait for the official news from the Dodgers about his health. Seeger has suffered several injuries in the past few years, but none of them affected his arm.

Corey Seager Injury
Corey Seager Injury

Seager exits in visible pain after HBP to hand

It turns out that Seeger is in severe pain after a prostate adenoma and is likely to undergo an X-ray examination immediately. Seeger’s lineup does not currently have so many fancy managers, but please hold your breath and hope she and him are lucky. If Seeger is forced to move to Illinois, Sheldon Noise may get more entertainment time.

The Seegers injury may take a place on the Albert Puyols daily leaderboard, and it is reported that Albert Puyols agreed to a deal with the Dodgers early on Saturday morning. Los Angeles was able to replace the second baseman Gavin Lux for a short time, replace first baseman Max Muncie for a second, and then drive the ball. Pujols’ base. Chris Taylor is another shortstop variant, although he mainly plays in midfield without Bellinger.

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