Doctors Allegedly Left Cotton In Woman’s Stomach, Police Case Filed



Police said they were investigating the case



A Gurgaon court has ordered the filing of an FIR alleging medical negligence for leaving a cotton ball on a woman’s abdomen during the birth of her child after a caesarean section.

The Gurgaon Chief Metropolitan Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday passed the order on the basis of a complaint lodged by the woman’s husband, who had earlier rejected an application by the police to file a criminal case against Shiv Hospital in Sector 12.

In her complaint to the court, the woman’s husband Diwas Rai, a resident of Darjeeling, who lives here with his wife Swastika in Sikandarpur, said that his wife was found pregnant in April 2020.


“There was a lockdown because of Kovid and I lost my job. In such a situation, as I did not have any money, I took my wife to the government Anganwari center. The Anganwari worker told me to take my wife to Shiv Hospital in Sector-12, ”he told the court.

“When I took my wife to Shiv Hospital, the doctors operated on her on November 16, 2020 and a baby girl was born and the hospital took Rs 30,000 from me,” he said.

Rye complained that shortly after delivery, his wife’s abdomen began to ache and her abdomen swelled with red spots, after which he took her back to the hospital, where doctors gave her some vitamins and other medicines to reduce the pain.

But as the medicine given by the doctors at Shiva Hospital did not work, Rai took him to another hospital where the doctors suspected that he had something in his stomach and started another course of treatment.


“Since my wife still did not get any relief and she lost 16 kg while enduring all the pain that started after delivery, I took her to the third hospital where she was advised to have a CT-scan for my wife, after which she was found. He has some cotton balls in his stomach like things, ”said Rai.

He added in his complaint that after he reported the matter to Shiva Hospital, they at first ignored the inquiries but later sent an ambulance to my house and picked up my wife and admitted her to the hospital without my knowledge and consent.

“At the hospital, they signed him in some blank form and operated on him and removed the swab,” Rye said.

“When I went to the police, they ignored my complaint,” Rai added.


Following the court order, the police have now lodged an FIR against Dr Poonam Yadav and Dr Anurag Yadav of Shiv Hospital at Sector 14 Police Station, Gurugram under Section 417 (punishment for cheating), 336 (life or personal life endangering work). Safety of others), and 337 of the Indian Penal Code (injury to life or work that endangers the personal safety of others).

Other IPC sections mentioned in the FIR include Section 338 (acts endangering the life or personal safety of others), 506 (criminal intimidation), 509 (insulting a woman’s modesty) and IPC 34 (general purpose) in Sector 14 police station.

Police said they were investigating the case.


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