Disney film’s mid-credits scene sets up a potential sequel

spoiler ALERT! The following post discusses the end of “Cruella”, so be careful if you haven’t seen it yet.

Cruella De Vil comes out on top and takes a proper revenge at the end of Disney’s new “Cruella”, though time will tell if she will turn into a bad woman in the original “101 Dalmatians” animated film.


In the prequel film (now available in theaters and on Disney +) directed by Craig Gillespie, London’s fledgling fashion designer Estella (Emma Stone) finds out that her boss, the brutal clothing icon Baroness von Hellmann (Emma Thompson), is tragically killed. was responsible. Her mother Katherine (Emily Beecham) – through a long fall from a cliff – and adopted the extreme punk character of Cruella to thwart the Baroness’ business.

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But when Baroness leaves Cruella to die in a burning building, Cruella discovers a more revealing truth: It turns out that Baroness was his real parent, Cruella was the legal heir to a fortune , And the day the newborn Estella was given to Catherine, instead of settling permanently as the most beloved order of the maid, the Baroness.


The Baroness’s charity ball is at her Hellman Hall home, where Cruella finally confronts her mother. The evil woman pushes Cruella off the same cliff that killed Katherine, though this is all part of the plan: Cruella parachutes to safety as soon as the crowd sees the Baroness “killing” her. But she returns in time to see the Baroness in a paddy wagon with Jasper (Joel Fry) and Horace (Paul Walter Hauser). After removing “Man” from the property sign, Cruella takes ownership of the Baroness’ home, business, and three Dalmatian, one of whom is pregnant, by building her new home “Hell Hall”.

“then now what?” Jasper asks, with Cruella’s answer, “I have some ideas.”

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Gillespie feels he has “absolutely” more to tell about his story. “She has only become Cruella, this version of it, and she still has a lot to figure out. In the end, I liked the ambiguity, is this a win for her or not? She’s gone after all this and got it. Gone, but does she really want it or will it be her prison now? Like, be careful what you want. “

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