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The 3DBear virtual event emphasizes ‘game-based e-learning’; Discovering and learning through 3DBear helps deep classroom engagements and interactions to better understand abstract and difficult concepts.

Education, like other areas of personal and business life, has seen rapid technology adoption, thanks to the rise of distance learning. The combination of AR, VR and the two, often called MR, is significant in bringing about effective change in learning to assist students from elementary school to high school. In the future classrooms will not look like today. AR India will see a significant push in the next 3 to 5 years and most schools will have dedicated equipment. Higher education will be faster as the technology already exists in such institutions.


First 3DBear Virtual Event (Webinar) Title – ‘How to use Virtual Learning Environment (AR / VR) in education’ Which concluded October ended with some interesting discussions and presentations by the panelists.

Monica Joshi, IT Director, Saat Paul Mittal School, Punjab and winner of ‘Most Successful Teacher in Using Virtual Learning Environment in India’ Award To present the benefits of unique augmented reality lessons and AR / VR on webinars worldwide and to change the lives of hundreds of students with the help of new technologies. During his presentation, he highlighted the use of ‘game-based e-learning’; Discovering and learning through 3DBear helps deep classroom engagements and interactions to better understand abstract and difficult concepts. Object-modeling is another interesting way to bring ideas to life in front of students and it can easily work with Android and iOS phones. He further explained how learning can be defined in different ways; Games can be played for fun; Game-based learning can be introduced for specific learning purposes and gamification যেখানে where game elements can be integrated into a non-game environment.

Teachers and students enjoy and appreciate 3DBear because it offers a variety of possibilities. You can voice-over with video recordings, use up to 500 curated 3D models from the collection, import your own 3D models, and manage challenges, lessons, and classrooms. The 3DBear Open-End Design Challenge helps to increase creativity through storytelling, critical thinking-creating a new perspective and new perspectives, visual communication that improves social mental skills and contributes to better teamwork learning.



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Dr. Tu Tuiza Aurola, Director of Technology and Development, Global Education Services Taitaja, GST, Finland, Problem-based learning and preparing students to use VR / AR in their careers. Combine learning experiences with authentic career situations, combine theory-practice in a motivational way, and use multichannel elements.

Anupam Sharma, Education Influencer, Indirapuram, India Through her videos, she shared how to make it easier to explain various serious issues through the visual creativity of the 3D Bear app. Dennis Wright, education influencer, steam educator, NASA JPL, USA shared how 3DBear can be very useful and fun in designing various projects to motivate students. His ideas included the Virtual Science Project, the Solar System Walkthrough and the NASA Mars Landing Challenge.


This virtual reunion again brings to the fore the benefits of the 3DBear application that gives students the flexibility to access educational content seamlessly across a variety of devices.

Immersed education: AR and VR have been instrumental in the ‘gamification’ of learning techniques, helping to create fun, exciting and extremely easy to understand and thus perceived content. From the basics of language and pronunciation, to the number of pre-school students and general knowledge to the simplification of complex biology, chemistry and advanced mathematics, AR and VR have found successful application in a variety of fields.

Interactive Specialized Education: Guided by the requirements of virtual learning, AR and VR are quickly transferred from specialized learning labs in schools to simple mobile apps.


Special education for the disabled: AR and VR have been found to be helpful in creating special learning modules for children with separate abilities and have also been found to be effective for students with learning difficulties.

Increased teacher-student participation: AR and VR technology innovations in education are also helping to increase student-teacher engagement. Technology takes on the regular responsibility of ‘exchanging information’, with teachers and now engaging in meaningful conversations and conversations around the application, through analysis and discussion of the knowledge provided by the technology platform, thus increasing their productivity and quality of engagement with students.

3DBear can open up opportunities for social collaboration and communication in a room-scale environment, where teachers can teach students from a distance, and students can collaborate on a variety of interactive and immersive experiences.


The first academy will be free and will start on November 19th and will last 5 weeks. Participants who complete the academy will be awarded a certificate of proficiency in virtual learning and receive a 3DBear Classroom License (6 months). To register for the academy and learn more about future sessions, please register here:

About 3DBear


3DBear, a Finnish adtech growth company, was founded in 2016 to provide tools for creative learning using virtual technology. After good funding from California venture capital brand Capital International and Finnish Opiva Invest, 3DBear has entered the Indian market to accelerate their growth plans. It now wants to be the category leader in his case.

3DBear is a free app that can be downloaded from Google Play or the Apple Store. It is a great educational, creative entertainment tool that uses augmented reality and 3D objects. It has the extraordinary potential to immerse children, teachers and parents in a meaningful learning drive, giving them more control over how, when and where they will learn.

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Disclaimer: This article was created on behalf of the mediaware team 3DBear.

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