Delta breaks woman’s wheelchair, viral TikTok shows her left in tears

Gabrielle DeFibre and Brie Scalicy board a Delta Air Lines flight from New York to Phoenix on May 21 in anticipation of a comfortable girls’ trip.

The two of them kept instructions and notes for the airport staff who were carrying their wheelchairs. For any wheelchair user, Schles said, it’s the worst part of the trip — putting “an extension of your body” in a stranger’s hands.

When disembarking and boarding a plane, the defibre sits in a small airport-provided chair, known as an aisle chair. Once she was placed from the aisle chair and into her own wheelchair, she immediately felt a sinking feeling in her stomach. The backrest of the chair folded down and the wheel was “completely destroyed;” He said that the wheel was bent in such a way that he could not move.


Defybre was devastated. She burst into tears and explained to Delta Crew that her wheelchair was her life, not just a chair.

“It was scary for me. It’s kind of mind blowing to me that non-disabled people just get off a plane and go on their vacation and they don’t have to worry about 20 minutes, what’s my wheelchair, What are my legs basically going to look like when I get off this plane?” Defibre, 32-year-old from New York, told USA TODAY. “This is my life, my feet I told them.”

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