Delhi ranks fourth out of five seismic regions.


New Delhi:

A strong earthquake was reported in the national capital this afternoon.


According to the National Center for Seismology, the quake struck in the Punjabi Tiger region of Delhi at 12:22 pm at a depth of 1 km from the ground.

There were no immediate reports of injuries or severe damage.


Delhi ranks fourth out of five seismic regions. It is rare that Delhi was the epicenter of the earthquake. The city, however, feels tremors when earthquakes occur, even as far as Central Asia or in the Himalayan border, it is a high seismic region.

In February, a strong earthquake measuring 3.3 on the Richter scale shook Delhi and surrounding areas for several seconds – about 1,200 kilometers from the national capital.


Large earthquakes were recorded near the national capital on October 10, 1956 in Bulandshahr, B. magnitude 10, 1956, and on August 15, 1966, in Murdabad, both in western Uttar Pradesh.


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