Delhi Court Firing: Jailed Gangster Got ‘Live Updates’ On Attack On Rival




Rohini Court Shootout: Jitendra Gogi was allegedly shot dead by a rival gang inside the court complex.

New Delhi:

The tragic shootings inside a Delhi court on Friday, where a notorious gangster was killed along with two of his assailants, were being watched “live” on the phone by another gangster inmate at Tihar Jail, sources said.


In more than one criminal case, two armed men dressed as lawyers killed Wanted Jitendra Mann (Gogi) while he was being brought to court under special security. Both were shot dead. Two more have been arrested since then.

Gogi’s longtime rival Tillu Tajpuria was behind the murder, police said. According to sources, Tilu was in constant touch with the attackers – Rahul Tyagi and Jagdeep Jagga – and others involved. He had access to a phone, which revealed another huge security flaw involved in the court shootings.

According to police sources, Tilu was taking minute-by-minute updates from the two shooters sent to kill Gogi.


“He was even asking them how far they were from Rohini court and when they would arrive,” the source said.

He contacted two other associates, Binoy and Umang, who have now been arrested. He allegedly reached out to the two in court and asked them to give him a live update.

Tilu panicked when he called the shooters for their latest position and they found out that they were already inside the court.In the presence of heavy police – to make their plans dynamic. He realized it would be difficult for his men to flee the police and cut off calls, sources said.


Tilu allegedly called his other two immediately. When they informed him that they had reached the parking lot at Rohini Court, Tilu told them to flee, sources said.

The entry of armed men into the court complex, all the way to the court room is being investigated as a big gap in terms of security.

Inside Tihar Prison, Asia’s largest prison, a gang boss planned and supervised the assassination using a phone, further expanding the cycle without disclosing the information.


Sources said that the murder could have been prevented if the gangster’s phone had been found and seized at any time during the incident or during his planning.

Gogi and Tilu, who were apparently friends in college, used to run extortion rackets before they came out. Over the past few decades, conflicts between rivals have led to many killings.


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