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NEW DELHI: Former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi not only led the country for a few years, she also did it during the war, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said on Thursday, clearly stating her role in the 1971 war.
Speaking at a Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) seminar on the role of women in the armed forces, Defense Minister Rani Lakshmi Bai and former President Pratibha Patil also spoke, saying India has a positive experience in harnessing national strength. Development.
Singh said while it is reasonable to discuss the role of women in the armed forces, their comprehensive contribution in all areas of security and nation building must also be recognized and strengthened.
“Throughout history, there are examples of women taking up arms to defend their country and human rights. Rani Lakshmi Bai is the most respected and respected of them all,” she said.
Former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi not only led the country for a few years, she did so during the war. And most recently, Pratibha Patil was the President of India and the Supreme Commander of the Indian Armed Forces, added the Defense Minister.
Under the Prime Ministership of Indira Gandhi, India won the 1971 war against Pakistan which resulted in the birth of Bangladesh.
Singh said the tradition of women as both caregivers and protectors has been going on for centuries and the customs and traditions of the region are deeply involved with Tih.
“If Saraswati is our goddess of knowledge, wisdom and learning, Mother Durga is associated with protection, strength, destruction and war.”
Singh said India is one of the very few countries in terms of women’s participation in the armed forces and women are now being accepted for permanent commissions and in the near future they will be commanding army units and battalions.
“Women have been proudly serving in the Indian Army Nursing Service for over 100 years. The Indian Army started giving commissions to female officers in 1992. It has now moved towards the inclusion of female officers in most branches of the Army.” .
“Women are now being accepted for permanent commissions and will be commanding army units and battalions in the near future,” she added.
Singh said women will be able to join the Premier Tri-Service Pre-Commissioning Training Institute, National Defense Academy, from next year.
Describing the inclusion of women in the military police in the army as a major milestone, she said India’s approach to their inclusion in the police, central police, paramilitary and armed forces is progressive.
“We have taken the path of evolution from support to war support and then to combat arms between the armed forces,” he said.
“We have seen that the process of bringing in a broad-based and progressive path has simultaneously prepared the society and the armed forces for this change. This is an important aspect to ensure a smooth and successful transition,” the defense minister added.
Referring to the role of women in the Navy, she said that since the humble beginnings in air traffic control in 1993, female officers have graduated in 2016 to become pilots of marine reconnaissance aircraft and have been employed on ships since last year.
“The Indian Coast Guard is recruiting women officers on the battlefield, including pilots, observers and air support services. In the Indian Air Force, women are included in all roles, including combat and support roles,” Singh said.


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