“Daily Soap Opera”: Manish Tewari’s Tirade On Punjab Congress Crisis




Manish Tiwari said there was “chaos and anarchy” in the Punjab Congress.


On Sunday morning, Congress leaders publicly criticized their own party and the Punjab state government, sparking outrage on Twitter. Manish Tiwari, a senior leader of the party, visited the microblogging site and complained that there was “chaos and anarchy” in the Punjab Congress. Mr Tiwari Mallikarjun, a G2 member, also called the Sword Committee a “serious mistake” and complained that “those who complained of the most violations and deviations are unfortunate and they themselves are the worst culprits.”


State party chief Navjot Singh Sidhu also posted a series of tweets this morning indicating that the Charanjit Singh Channi government is not focusing on “real issues”.

Mr Tiwari slammed the party’s state unit, citing a recent interview with Harish Rawat, the party’s general secretary in charge of Punjab, in the business newspaper The Financial Express. “In my 40 years of Plus Congress, I have never seen such chaos and anarchy in the Punjab Congress,” he said in a series of tweets. Sneering at Mr Sidhu Sidhu, he added that a regional president of the party’s central committee had “repeatedly publicly disobeyed” and that colleagues were openly arguing with each other “like children”.

In response to a question about former Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh’s support for Mr Tiwari, Mr Rawat said he needed to understand the ground situation in Punjab. “It’s not just a matter of security, it’s a matter of keeping the government going. When legislators revolt, the stability of the government is threatened … Hon’ble Chief Minister (Singh) rarely called a CLP meeting or resolved these issues with his legislators,” he said. During the state election campaign, the former chief minister’s alleged inaction on burgers (a case of insult to Guru Granth Sahib) and drug problems, or power purchase agreements.


Mr. MLA Tiwari asked, “Where has the progress been made in provoking this MLA and other eminent persons?”

Meanwhile, Mr Sidhu Sidhu gave his gun training to the state government and said that Punjab must return to its “real problems which are of concern to every Punjabi and our future generations”. He said a “financial emergency” was looming over the state. “I will stick to the real issues and not give them a chance to get behind,” he said in a tweet.

Mr Sidhu said there was a clear choice between “irreparable damage” and “last chance to control the damage”. Pointing to the inaction on corruption in the state, he said, “Who will bring the wealth of the state back to the state treasury, in their personal pockets instead? Who will lead our great state revival initiative to prosperity !!”?


In his usual literary nature, he came to the conclusion, “Let the fog clear on the roadmap of Punjab’s revival, let reality shine like the sun, those who protect selfish interests and focus only on the path that will lead to Jittega Punjab, Jittegi to Punjab and Harit to Punjab!” !! “.



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