Cycles, Flower Shower At Samajwadi Party’s Parallel Expressway Launch Event




SP workers dedicated the expressway to the public by cycling and showering flowers


The Samajwadi Party on Tuesday inaugurated the parallel to the Purbachal Expressway, which was showered with flowers, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi cycled as he dedicated the 341-kilometer highway to the people.


SP workers staged the show when its chief Akhilesh Yadav reiterated his claim that the project to connect Lucknow with Balia was first launched by his government.

“The SP works for the public. SP workers on the Socialist Eastern Expressway have dedicated the expressway to the public by cycling and showering flowers,” the party said in its Twitter handle.

“It will accelerate the progress of Eastern (Eastern UP). Congratulations and best wishes, ”the party said, adding that it had also uploaded pictures of its staff celebrating the occasion.

SP president and former chief minister Yadav said on Twitter on Monday that “all the districts through which the ‘Socialist Eastern Expressway’ is going, the party’s district committees will inaugurate this public welfare work by laying flowers on the expressway in November.”


Earlier in the day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the 341-km expressway from Lucknow to Gazipur in Sultanpur where he himself landed on a 3.2-km-long military transport aircraft developed as an emergency air strip for the Indian Air Force.

Apparently annoyed after learning of Prime Minister Modi’s plans to land on the airstrip of the expressway for the inauguration, Mr Yadav tweeted on Monday, “Some people rule this way by landing their planes on the airstrip of others.”

Mr Yadav, who persistently claimed that the foundation stone of the project was first laid by him when he was the UP chief minister, also shared a photo of a so-called newspaper advertisement for the groundbreaking ceremony on December 22. , 2016, a Thursday.


After the inauguration of the expressway on Tuesday, Mr Yadav tweeted that Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath was showing him walking behind Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s car on the expressway.

“You have given me a good return of all my hospitality and started me a humble walk even before people gave me a humiliating fate,” Mr Yadav said in his tweet in Hindi, tagging a picture of Yogi, walking backwards. Prime Minister’s car.


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