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Being at the forefront of emerging technology courses, the Hyderabad Institute of Technology and Management (HITAM) Autonomous College is the preferred choice of next generation engineers. In addition to the core branch of BTech, Hitam also offers specialized BTech courses in technology that are increasingly relevant today.


Since its inception in 2001, the institution has championed the student-centered learning initiative and adopted a unique project-based approach to build a strong future for students. From the first year, all students are integrated with education that is consistent with the industry. Hitam has focused on creating an active learning environment for students by constantly collaborating with renowned companies. This partnership has paved the way for the establishment of IBM Software Labs on a campus with training and certification and Recode, Coquibus, Ambitious Mind, Infomerica, Technomen, Enterprise Mind, etc.

Dynamic leadership that redefines education


Proper leadership and management are essential for the success of an organization. Hitam is the founding chairman, Arutala Prashant, an extraordinary entrepreneur and the brainchild of an educator. As a mechanical engineer and alumnus of ISB, including Harvard Graduate School of Education, MDP of IIM, Ahmedabad and ASCI, his innovative thinking has added a new dimension to the world of education. HITAM is led by its advisor, Professor Sanjay Dhande, former director of IIT Kanpur, and a visionary academic under the favorable leadership of a board of directors, ensuring excellence.


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World class education rights here in Hyderabad


The college has set standards with advanced education centers in AI, ML, Robotics, IoT, Cyber ​​Security and Data Science. Institutions recognized by the NBA and awarded A + by the NAAC, recognized for providing quality education. Going forward, Hitam is committed to restructuring its curriculum, to make it more industry-relevant, with minor specialties provided by the connecting faculties in addition to Hitam’s own skilled faculty. Assessment metrics are scientifically developed to monitor student performance.

HITAM students have received several awards including ATAL Innovation Ranking 2020, Microsoft Imagine Cup, AICTE’s Lilavati Award, Telangana Innovation Cell Award, Green Building Performance Award etc., which adds a feather to the cap of the organization.

Green Environ which stimulates learning


Hitam boasts an IGBC Silver-rated green building that stands majestically in the middle of a sprawling green campus that inspires students. The clean environment arranged with aesthetic landscaping elements reduces the cognitive stress of the students and helps them to get the best out of them.


‘Doing Engineering’ – The complexity of learning at Hitam


Every student who walks through HITAM’s portals is given proper exposure, including team building, active learning, project-based design and problem solving skills, so that they can ensure the emergence of leaders tomorrow. The institute is well-equipped to create its own Center of Excellence (COI) to prepare students to be successful in the name of Hitam Explore, along with other initiatives on campus such as IoT, AI, Robotics, GCCP for Cyber ​​Security, EPICS, EWB, UBA and Palesrujana. .

The promise of dream career formation

At HITAM’s Career Design Center (CDC), a team of dedicated professionals, including a full-time counseling psychologist, work closely with students to help them identify their goals and realize their true potential. Students are made up of qualified professionals who nurture soft skills, life skills, qualifications, reasoning and technical skills.



CDC guides students through every step of their journey, from finding their platform to nurturing their entrepreneurial spirit, providing employment opportunities by refining their employment skills, or pursuing higher education.


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Disclaimer: Content produced by Hyderabad Institute of Technology and Management (HITAM)

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