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Kochi: On July 2 this year, more than two months after giving the second dose of the covid vaccine, MA Abdullah () and his wife Nasim () 5 from Aluva in Ernakulam district were hospitalized with fever, body aches, cough and weakness.
“We were in the same room in the hospital, but we were too weak to help each other. Suddenly my wife’s oxygen level dropped and she had pneumonia. It was very scary because just two months ago, we saw our 41-year-old son die in Kovid, ”Abdullah said. Their vaccinated son died of post-covid pneumonia on May 21, a month before his nd2nd birthday, after being hospitalized for 0 days.
Although it is uncomfortable to hear that fully vaccinated people become seriously ill from a breakthrough infection, doctors are convinced that the vaccine works to prevent hospitalization and death. Both Abdullah and Naseem, who were among the unfortunate few who were suffering from chronic covidosis, were also adamant about their faith in the vaccine. “The vaccine has saved us. Our sad thing is that our son could have survived if government policy had allowed vaccinations for all ages, ”Nasim added.
According to the WHO, infections that occur in fully vaccinated people 15 days after the second outbreak are considered groundbreaking. In Kerala, about one-fourth of new infections every day are groundbreaking infections, with statistics touching 30% in a few days.
Even doctors treating covid patients in Kerala have noted that in most cases the progression is mostly asymptomatic or mild-to-moderate, acknowledging that there are a few who suffer from serious diseases (with rare exceptions), especially the elderly who have less strong immune systems but Even their chances of recovery are much higher than in immunized adults.
Binod Mathew, a businessman from Kudarnji in Kozhikode district, said four members of his double-vaccinated family tested positive for Kovid. “My wife and I had mild symptoms and soon recovered, my 79-year-old father, who has a heart condition and diabetes, had a fever, while my 74-year-old mother, who was being treated for rheumatoid arthritis, looked very weak. Covid was hospitalized for a week and received monoclonal antibodies. They both recovered, “said Matthew, 49.
Ajit Kumar Pillai, Deputy Marketing Manager of Thyrocare, knew that extensive official travel across different states and conversations with people who were not vaccinated and not wearing masks would increase the potential risk of catching covid even though he had received covid once and was vaccinated twice, but he did not think about it. Tried to. He was in Bangalore in August when he woke up to find that he had been “hit by a truck”, had a severe cough, no appetite and no taste. Soon he started vomiting with diarrhea. He tested positive for coronavirus. “The first time I got infected and just lost my taste, it was a scary experience. It took me more than 18 days to recover and I still have breathing problems,” added Ajit. Recently, TOI reported that Pune A 28-year-old health worker from has got covidia despite infection and two jabs but such cases are very rare.
In contrast, health worker Shelley Joseph recalls that one month before the vaccine was introduced in India, she contracted covid for the first time in December 2020, took more than a month to recover and had difficulty climbing stairs. But when she had a breakthrough infection, her symptoms lasted a few days and she returned to work within a week. “The vaccines did not protect me from infection but confirmed that my symptoms were mild and I recovered quickly,” said V1, 21.
Healthcare workers in Kerala seem to be most at risk for groundbreaking infections. “Unless there are reports of re-infection, healthcare workers seem to be at much higher risk, probably due to the high exposure environment. However, no systematic research has been done on this topic yet, ”said Dr. Vinod Scaria, co-author of a paper on groundbreaking infections among healthcare workers.
Dr. Syriac Abby Phillips of Liver Institute, Rajagiri Hospital, Kochi was a pioneer who has become a pioneer. “I was infected by one of my unhappy, very sick covid patients, who was hospitalized for some time. But since I was vaccinated, there were mild symptoms and after a week of rest, I went back to work without any discomfort, ”he said.


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