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New Delhi: Antiviral or monoclonal antibodies are not recommended for those under 18 years of age, regardless of the severity of covid infection, and if steroids are used, they should be reduced to 10 to 14 days, subject to clinical improvement. The government said on Thursday.
In the ‘Revised Comprehensive Guidelines for the Management of Covid-19 for Children and Adolescents (Under 18), the Ministry of Health further states that masks are not recommended for children under five years of age.
It states that 6-11 year olds can wear it safely and appropriately under the direct supervision of parents depending on the child’s ability to use the mask.
Adults 12 years of age or older should wear masks in the same situation as adults, the ministry said.
The guidelines were reviewed by a group of experts in light of the current rise, which is mainly attributed to the omnivorous variant of the coronavirus, which is also a form of concern.
Data from other countries indicate that the disease caused by the Omicron variant is less severe. However, as the current wave develops, there is a need to keep a watchful eye, the ministry said.
It is classified as asymptomatic, mild, moderate and severe.
According to the guidelines, covid-19 is a viral infection and antimicrobials have no role in the management of complex covid-19 infections.
In asymptomatic and mild cases, antimicrobials are not recommended for therapy or prophylaxis, the ministry said.
In moderate and severe cases, antimicrobials should not be prescribed unless there is a clinical suspicion of a super-aided infection, the ministry said.
In the case of septic shock, experimental antimicrobials are often added by body weight to cover all possible pathogens based on clinical judgment, patient host factor, local epidemiology, and hospital antimicrobial policy.
The guidelines state that steroids are not indicated and that Covid-19 is asymptomatic and harmful in mild cases.
Only hospitalization under strict supervision is indicated in severe and critically ill Covid-19 cases, the guidelines say.
Steroids should be used at the right time, in the right dosage and for the right time, they said.
Corticosteroids can be used in rapidly progressive moderate and all severe cases, such as dexamethasone 0.15 mg / kg, maximum dose six mg once daily or methylprednisolone 0.75 mg / kg, maximum dose 30 mg once daily, stated in the guidelines.
These can be continued for five to seven days and reduced to 10-14 days, depending on the clinical assessment on a daily basis, they said.
Steroids should be avoided for the first three to five days after the onset of symptoms because it prolongs viral shedding, the guidelines say.
Anticoagulants are not prescribed regularly and all hospitalized children should be assessed for risk of thrombosis and monitored for the development of thrombosis, the ministry said.
Regarding Covid-19 post-care, the guidelines state that children with asymptomatic infection or mild illness should receive regular child care, appropriate immunizations (if eligible), nutritional counseling, and psychological support for follow-up.
In addition to the above, parents or caregivers of children with moderate to severe covidosis at the time of discharge from the hospital should be advised to observe for continuous or further deterioration of respiratory distress and explain the indications for bringing the child back to the facility, the guidelines said.
Children who develop limb dysfunction during or after hospitalization should receive adequate care, they said.
These guidelines are dynamic, and will be reviewed and updated based on the availability of new evidence, the ministry said.

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