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NEW DELHI: Between Dussehra and Vijayadashami celebrations, nearly 1,000,000 new cases of Covid-1 of have been reported in India and the death toll from the virus has dropped to a 211-day low.
In India, 16,002 new cases related to covid and 162 people died on Friday. It was the lowest daily toll since March 18 this year, when 155 deaths were recorded, according to TOI’s Covid database.
The number of cases on Friday was the lowest since Monday as festivals declined in the exams. About 11.8 lakh tests were conducted in the country on Thursday, down from 1.4 lakh two days ago.
There have been less than 10,000 new cases in Kerala for the second day. Two days after 11,079 cases were posted, 8,867 new infections were reported in the state on Friday. Maharashtra has recorded 2,19 cases, close to the number reported in the last three days.
In Bengal and Orissa, where the number of cases increased last week, the numbers fell for the second day in a row. 451 cases have been posted in Bengal, up from 530 on Thursday and 771 on the previous day. There were 467 new infections in Odisha after recording 521 on Thursday. Kerala continued to record the highest number of deaths on Friday, followed by Maharashtra (2), Tamil Nadu (1), and Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh with nine deaths each.


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