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COVID-19 news: PM Modi’s BIG move after rise in Corona Cases in China and other parts of World

covid 19 news updates pm modi's big move on coronavirus

COVID-19 News: After the huge rise in Corona patients in China, the US, Japan, and other countries of the world, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had a high-level meeting today on 22 December to look into the situation.

China is facing the challenge of the BF-7 variant of the Coronavirus. The country is having high death rate with this variant (as per news spread) and it is expected by Health experts that around 10 million people can be affected in China in 2023.

BF7 covid variant in India

In India, the BF-7 variant’s 4 cases have been detected patients in Gujarat and Odisha (as per news).

WHO chief Tredros Ghebreyesus on December 21 Wednesday said that we are very concerned about rising COVID-19 cases in China. We hope that China will provide us with the correct data so we can further analyze it by studying the data received from there.

He said that if we get more detailed information on the severity of the disease and requirements for ICU Support. The  WHO requests China to more focus on the vaccination of people in severe regions we will offer our great health support as possible to them.

Government Measures on Covid-19

The Government of India is trying to aware people to follow the COVID-19 guidelines to avoid a rise in cases in India. Also, all the State governments are holding a meeting to discuss the situation and to take measures on these new rising cases.

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal had told that we are ready to dealt with the wave of covid 19.

Covid cases in India in last 24 hours today

Around 200 cases were found in India on 22 December and 145 cases and 1 death found on 21 December.

Please follow the covid-19 guidelines stricky to avoid the upcoming wave of coronavirus, stay safe.

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