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Truck drivers are known for their efforts to facilitate demand and supply. They drive relentlessly through dense and thin to reach various destinations with complete supply chain connections. However, various undercurrent truck drivers, such as social sensitivities, poor image and lack of recognition in society, push drivers backwards. These undercurrents otherwise disconnect them from the well-connected supply chain. As a result, there is a lack of awareness among the drivers about the apathy and problems they face.

The National Institute of Industrial Engineering, also known as the mecca of the supply chain, has realized these undercurrents. The institute has started a project, “Apurti Shrankala Ke Sarathi” (Supply Chain Driver). A team of NITIE directors, led by Professor Manoj Kumar Tiwari, visited the field to interview truck drivers and experts. Professor Nikhil K Mehta has produced and directed the research based documentary “Apurti Srankala Ke Sarathi”. The documentary film shows the experiences of how truck drivers work in difficult situations and face various problems. The initiative is supported by the Mumbai Port Trust Dock and General Employees Union Institute. Truck drivers are presented to experts for problem solving. The documentary paves the way for future activities and will serve as a case study for several supply chain enthusiasts.


NITIE’s first outreach program began at Cotton Green, the Mumbai Port Trust Dock and General Employees Union, where truck drivers were shown the documentary film “Apurti Shrankala Ke Sarathi”. Our safety expert Professor Shankar Murthy conducts awareness programs for truck drivers. Add. Shri SK Shetty, Chairman and Shri Sudhakar R. Aparaj, General Secretary, Mumbai Port Trust Dock and General Employees Union, boosted the morale of the participants. Professor Vivekananda Khanpuri, Dean (Sponsored Research and Industry Connect), discusses the outreach activities undertaken by the National Institute of Industrial Engineering. The social initiatives adopted by NITIE will help truck drivers begin to be aware, recognized and sensitive to them. Also, our program will include safety awareness camps to assist truck drivers and their family members. The focus on the lives of truck drivers will support truck drivers and enlighten all stakeholders that will benefit the business and lead a proud India to a self reliant and secure India.

Professor Manoj Kumar Tiwari (FNA, FNAS, FME FISE, and FILT) took over as the Director of the National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE), Mumbai on November 05, 2019. He has published more than 307 international research papers in the Journal of Report and has been ranked as one of the top 100 independent researchers worldwide in the production and research of Taylor and Francis.



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