NEW DELHI: Just days after the Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samaj Party decided to form a major alliance for the Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections, Congress state unit chief Ajay Kumar Lallu on Sunday expressed confidence that his party would be able to contest the elections without Sanko. Take any one of these and form the next government yourself.
He added that under Priyanka Gandhi Bhadra’s “supervision”, the Congress would contest the Uttar Pradesh Assembly polls next year and the party would return to the state after more than three decades.
In an interview to PTI, Lallu said that the Congress has emerged as the main challenge to the “oppressive” UP government and claimed that his party has proved to be more effective than the Samajwadi Party (SP) with only five MLAs, 49 of whom are MLAs in the 403-member assembly. .
He said that the “wind of change” has blown in the state and added, “What is the storm of change, whose name is Priyanka Gandhi Hai (the storm of change has blown and its name is Priyanka Gandhi).”
The UP Congress chief stressed that under the leadership of Priyanka Gandhi, the Congress organization at various levels in the state has become stronger.
Asked whether Priyanka Gandhi would have to keep the party as chief minister for the UP elections, Lallu said the party’s top leadership would decide who would be the chief minister.
Asked whether Priyanka Gandhi would face the party before taking part in the elections, Lallu said she would be in charge of the state and the elections would be held under his supervision.
“People in Uttar Pradesh are looking to the Congress with hope. There is a lot of enthusiasm among the workers and a Congress government will be formed in UP under her (Priyanka Gandhi) leadership,” he said.
His remarks came at a time when the party has shifted its gear for the Assembly elections by organizing regional training camps for state unit block presidents, district presidents and other officials to prepare staff for the elections.
Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi will visit several districts this month with the aim of encouraging the cadre and preparing the party for the election battle with the ruling BJP.
Whether the party will contest the elections on its own or in alliance with the SP or the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), Lallu said, the Congress will form an alliance on the issues of the people, the peasants, the poor, women and the oppressed.
Congress is confident that this alliance will go to the people and they will bless it.
Asked if the Congress has the power to fight elections on its own, Lallu said, “Yes, of course it has the power to fight.”
SP chief Akhilesh Yadav said his party would not enter into any alliance with the major parties, a few days after his remarks were taken as significant, though BSP supremo Mayawati later insisted that his party would not enter into any alliance for the UP elections.
Asked whether the votes could be split if the SP, BSP and Congress fought separately, Lallu said, “People have given a chance to all the other political players in the state but they have not been able to stand firm on the faith shown by the people and now it is the Congress’s turn.”
Regarding the statements of SP and BSP leaders in the polls, he said it reflected frustration and despair because people rejected them and stood with Congress.
Many political pundits have accused the Congress of not considering the party’s weak presence in UP’s main challenger and panchayat elections, saying the “oppressive” BJP government is in power and that if any party raises its voice against Yogi, it is the Congress, which is a “strong” party. Has become “opposition”.
“Congress has been vocal on issues such as farmers, youth or rural poor, congress unemployment, law and order situation, saving lives during the Kovid epidemic, garbage alcohol, deaths due to jungle and other issues.” He said.
“When the tribals were killed in Sonbhadra, when the daughters of Hatras were wronged, when the daughters of Unnao and Shahjahanpur were wronged, Priyanka Gandhi spoke out against it and fought against injustice. When it came to hitting the streets to oppose agriculture, Lallu That said, it was Priyanka Gandhi who did it.
Noting that Congress workers had taken the fight against the state government to the streets, he claimed that there were more than one lakh party workers at different points at different times and thousands of them had been sued.
“I myself have been detained more than 70 times a year, there have been more than 40-50 cases and I have been to jail four times,” Lallu said.
Talking about the performance of the Congress in the panchayat elections, Lallu said that 2 of 1 candidates supported by the party were elected, 5 571 came second and 1111 came third.
The Congress got 5 million votes in the Lok Sabha and Assembly elections, but it got 1,52,00,000 votes in the Zila Panchayat polls, he said, adding that the SP had only “occupied the headlines”. Writing the names of the winning candidates despite being defeated.
“There is frustration and despair between the BJP and the SP. The Congress is going to return to UP under the leadership of Priyanka Gandhi with its determination. We have full faith in the people,” he said, stressing that the Congress was the BJP’s main rival. Poles
Noting that the party has been strengthened at various levels under Priyanka Gandhi, Lallu said there was a position of competent organization with the appointment of district committees, block presidents and setting up of Niy Panchayat and Gram Sabha units.
“We have 840 block presidents, 8,145 new panchayat presidents and we have village meeting units in 59,000 villages. We are strengthening the booths, training activities are underway. In light of these developments and raising people’s concerns, we must return to UP,” he said.
Claiming that the state’s three farm laws are a big problem, Lallu said Congress has stood against the laws, and farmers would support the party.


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