New Delhi: Clean environment is a basic right of citizens and the plea of ​​non-availability of funds cannot be an excuse for not ensuring this, National Green Tribunal (NGT) calls Uttarakhand government illegally reprimanding garbage disposal dump yard is. Established on the banks of river Khoh in Kotdwar.
A bench headed by NGT Chairperson Justice Adarsh ​​Kumar Goel said that in view of the repeated failures of the state, it becomes a matter of taking punitive action against the Secretary, Urban Development including its senior officials for violation of statutory rules, which is a punishable offense. Criminal offenses, and the need to pay compensation for continued damage to the environment, with instructions to recover from guilty officers.
The tribunal said that progress in terms of deadlines set under solid waste management regulations is not sufficient and continues to cause damage to the environment, which is a criminal offense.
“Clean environment being the basic right of citizens, cannot be an excuse for non-availability of funds … However, as a last chance, we instructed the Chief Secretary, Uttarakhand to take corrective action and file its own affidavit. Are. Within a month by e-mail, “Peetha said.
The green panel said that the damage to the environment and public health is not only due to delays in cleaning up old waste, but also due to non-compliance with other provisions of the rules, resulting in huge reductions in production and public health Is the difference. Processing of waste.
The NGT was hearing a petition filed by Uttarakhand resident Arvind Baniyal against the illegally installed garbage disposal dump yard on the banks of river Khoh near Sports Stadium in Ratanpur, Kashirampur, Gadighat and Kotdwar, where garbage is being burnt, which That is polluting the river water.


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