New Delhi: The Central Government’s Commission for Air Quality Management in the National Capital Region and its adjoining areas has been closed within five months of its formation.
The commission, which was set up by the Center in October last year, closed due to the abolition of the ordinance under which it was instituted.
Speaking to PTI, Union Environment Secretary RP Gupta said that since the ordinance was not introduced in Parliament within six weeks of its conference, it has expired and, as a result, the commission is also closed.
Gupta said, “The ordinance never became an act. Any ordinance has to be introduced within six weeks of summoning Parliament. It did not happen so the ordinance was abolished, so the commission was dissolved.”
The Commission was headed by MM Kutty, former Secretary, Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas.
Official sources in the ministry said that they would try to bring the ordinance in the next session of Parliament and meanwhile, the State Pollution Control Board and Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) would be the supervising officers.
Facing rising air pollution in Delhi-NCR, the Center had introduced an ordinance enforcing the commission and imposed a jail term of up to five years with immediate effect and a fine of one crore rupees for violators.
Under an ordinance issued by the Ministry of Law and Justice on 28 October, the Environmental Pollution (Prevention and Control) Authority (EPCA) was dissolved and replaced by the Commission.
A 20-member commission was formed under the ordinance, which was signed by the President on 28 October, to ensure strict compliance.
The Commission had the power to provide standards of air quality, norms for discharge of environmental pollutants, inspection of premises violating the law, ordering closure of non-compliant industries / plants, etc.
“The ordinance may be called the Air Quality Management Commission Ordinance 2020 in the National Capital Region and adjoining areas. It will also apply in the National Capital Region and adjoining areas so far as it relates to matters relating to air pollution in the NCR. It will be implemented at once, ”the ordinance said.
According to the ordinance, the areas where it was in force included Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh, areas around NCR and Delhi where there was any source of pollution.
The Commission had the power to prohibit any industry, operation or processes or class of industries that could have an impact on air quality in the region.


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