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New Delhi: The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) on Thursday said that the tabulation portal for revision of 11th and 12th will be opened from July 16. In a letter to the affiliated schools, the board said the portal would be closed on July 22. For the announcement of results by 31 July.

The board asked the schools to control the scores uploaded as reference year data bank in the seven-day window if the portal is open by visiting the official website



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“As per the schedule of time given in the policy, the portal is being opened from July 16 (afternoon) to July 22 (midnight) for mediation and finalization of results by Class XII. The board has to announce the final results by July 31. If a school fails to complete the arbitration within the scheduled schedule, its results will be announced separately after July 31. “The CBSE reiterated that the general objective is to provide students with” legitimate, reliable and impartial results “in an epidemic. Announcement.


“Twelfth and twelfth grade correction marks will have a greater responsibility, which must be done in a manner that ensures justice and fairness for students. Any discriminatory application of the policy in schools may have adverse effects or unreasonable benefits to some students,” CBSE said. The CBSE is taking over the responsibility of the results committee for the entire student body and it should not be seen as limited to any particular school. ”

Thus, schools are ordered to restrain the signs in such a way that the results are comparable and “no student should suffer due to the application of the policy within or across the school”.

To assist the schools, the CBSE provided marks along with mark distribution based on the best performance of the previous three years, which will be considered for the purpose of restraint.


“In order to ensure comparability and fairness in comparison to the higher numbers, schools should work hard and ensure that the total marks in the range of 95 and above are not available. Therefore, they should limit the number of students in each of the best performance in the last three years. The level of overall marks is 95 or higher to ensure that the number does not exceed the number of students achieving these overall marks, ”the board said.

CBSE provided schools with a broad pattern of distribution of total marks (Theory + Practical) to the students of a school (this is a total of marks of Class-X, Class-XI and Class-XII).

The CBSE noted that schools, in addition, need to ensure that the number of students with an overall score of 95 and above this year after the addition does not exceed the number of students with an overall score of the best performance in the last three years.


To make it easier for schools to facilitate Marx moderation, CBSE says a user-friendly software has been developed, the guidelines of which will be made available on the portal.

“This software has two sections – subject based additions and overall modifications. A complete tabulation sheet such as the school will be visible to schools with all the elements of the mark. Class X, XII, XII and Practical / Project / IA and schools should follow the instructions first and You can understand before you practice moderation of numbers. It can also be confirmed that the ‘Submission’ button needs to be pressed only after you have confirmed that your moderation percentage is correct, “the board said.

In the event that no school followed the guidelines, the CBSE said before preparing the results, it would be amended to bring the award-winning marks in line with the policy objectives.


“It is further informed that the changes made in the data in the schools will be recorded by the CBSE. If it is found that the policies have not been followed by the school in letter and spirit, then CBSE may take action against the schools mentioned in the policy,” the board said in a statement. Added instructions.


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